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4 Little Things You Can Do To Be A Great Flight Passenger

If you’ve been unlucky enough to experience a flight from hell, you know that sometimes air travel can be no fun whatsoever. So, today we wanted to spotlight four simple things you can do to be a great flight passenger.

Mind Your Scent, Sound & Space

Part of being a great flight passenger is being aware of your impact to other guests on the airplane. That means saying no to your strong perfume and aftershave and being cognoscente of how you use your space. No one likes to sit next to the person who hogs the armrests or stretches their legs into another passenger’s space. Keep your belongings underneath the seat in front of you. Open up chip bags and use other noise-making objects before takeoff. Simply put – be polite to others. In such a small space, it really adds up!

Be Thoughtful

It’s true! Flight attendants can take tips and they do love gifts. If you have some spare change in a foreign currency, why not pay it forward and get your flight staff something sweet? If you’re strapped for cash, simply being kind and considerate to the staff during your trip goes a long way. Mind your p’s and q’s… and acknowledge the little things done to ensure you have an enjoyable trip.

Board Mindfully

One of the most arduous parts of air travel is ensuring that guests board the aircraft orderly and on time. Once on the plane, find your seat, find your overhead cabin bin area, place your personal items on your seat and stow away your carry on. Do not take another guest’s stow away area! Once one person does, the whole plane becomes a mess of passengers desperately trying to find a space to put their suitcase… which leads to delayed departures and lots of bickering!

We’ve all seen the passenger that overpacks their carry on so badly that they can barely lift their suitcase above their waist. Don’t be that guy! (Of course unless you have physical restrictions that make it impossible or dangerous to do so!)

Know & Follow The Rules

It’s so simple – you are not the exception to the rules. So follow them! And even better, do so happily. Your flight staff will be thankful.


What are some little things you do to be a great flight passenger? Or, on the other side of the coin, what are some of your flight pet peeves? Let us know in a comment below!


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