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Why I Gave Up Travel For A 9-5

For me, the road has been home for the past two and a half years. In November, I moved to Colorado until further notice to be a director at a teen adventure company. It’s the first time I’ve ever gone somewhere without an expiration date. I have furniture and a Costco membership. Things are getting weird. Why in the world am I trading in my get-up-and-go life on the road for a 9-5 and car insurance? Here’s why I gave up travel for a 9-5.

I loved living my life out of my backpack, but I was getting to a point where I wanted to have nice things, cook in my own kitchen and be in my own space. Moving around all the time is exciting and offers new learning opportunities every day. I began to want the learning opportunities that come with staying in one place.

I work in the Adventure Travel industry, a place where, at some point in your career, you will be everywhere. But when I thought about my goals for the next year, they had grown beyond leading trips. I wanted to learn business. There was a time when I thought working in this industry would be temporary. I no longer think that. I pretty much guzzle the Outdoor Education Kool Aid on a daily basis.

With: self, friends, boys. I have met some of my best friends traveling. But my next step required building steady, meaningful friendships that last for more than a few days. I’m also at a point now where I am pretty stoked to be dating again. Please file that under Things I Never Thought I’d Say. My ex-boyfriend and I broke up almost a year ago, and it has been a massive year of growth and change. I have a whole new relationship with myself that I didn’t have before and I love it.

I wanted to be close to it. All the time. And to be able to go (safely) on a solo hike whenever I wanted, or to plan incredible expeditions with friends where I get us a little bit lost but nobody is mad at me. And then I wanted to be able to go home and cook and sleep in a wicked comfortable bed.

As much as I try to justify any decision with logic, it always comes down to gut for me. Ultimately, if it doesn’t feel right, I’m not going to do it. And this move feels SO RIGHT. I’m seriously stoked for this new adventure full of house plants and bedding, and I can’t wait to meet all of its challenges and opportunities.

I’m pretty excited for this new chapter. Meeting people and being able to make plans without the expiration date. Exploring the places where I now live. Stoke is at an ALL TIME HIGH.

This move isn’t the end of my rolling-stone-ness. It’s about creating a fuller life. I’ll always be a traveler. Adventure just takes different forms sometimes.







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