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Why Greenland Should Be On Your 2020 Bucket List

If 2020 has you craving something new and unfamiliar, then Greenland deserves to be on your list! Like no other place on Earth, much of the allure of this island is that so much of it is still undiscovered. Trust me though, this intriguing land full of ice, tundra, fjords, mountains, and glaciers, has something for everyone, including a unique history and culture, unspoiled outdoor opportunities, and untamed views, including perhaps the most renowned of Greenlandic feats, the Northern Lights!

Why Greenland Should Be On Your 2020 Bucket ListGreenland’s deep cultural roots are still on full display today. Travel is still conducted by dog sledding, snowshoeing, or boating. Ice fishing is still happening on frozen Arctic lakes. A symbiotic reliance on native wildlife, from seafood and reindeer dishes, to musk oxen clothing, is still readily employed. Greenland’s interesting connections to World War II are still visible in the forms of military barracks turned lodging. It is a fascinating way of life, far removed from regular everyday routines, and a welcome respite to anyone visiting this secluded country.

Why Greenland Should Be On Your 2020 Bucket ListThe highlight of any trip to Greenland is humble, yet breathtaking. You simply need to step outside, and the natural beauty of Greenland will speak for itself. Wildlife abounds here, from Arctic foxes and hares, to whales and walruses, to polar bears! The world’s second largest ice cap, smaller only than Antarctica’s, can be visited and traversed near the Western coast. It is only one of a handful of the best things to do in the town of Kangerlussuaq Greenland, including hiking Mount Hassel, harbor and tundra excursions, dog sledding tours, viewing the Russell Glacier, and catching the Northern Lights!

Why Greenland Should Be On Your 2020 Bucket ListAcross the country can be found additional iceberg and ice fjord views, hot springs and underwater dives, stunning hikes, quaint coastal towns, and a true haven for outdoor adventurists! Backpack the Arctic Trail under a nightly panorama of the dancing Northern Lights, kayak through crystal glaciers and icebergs, hop aboard a traditional dog sled, and ski or snowshoe your way over the vast ivory expanses. You can even run a marathon over Greenland’s famed ice cap every year in October!

Why Greenland Should Be On Your 2020 Bucket List

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