When Travel Transcends From A Simple Journey To Something More

It’s my wish that all travelers experience a trip that transcends from a simple itinerary to something so much more. I hope that all women who pack their bags to take on a trip of their dreams are shown more than what they expect. For travel, in its purest form, may seem like a list of “things to do and see”… but the best type of trip reveals lessons and beauty in unexpected ways.

Travel transcends in unplanned ways. Our explorations go deeper than tourist sites and museums simply when we give us room to be still. To make time to be lost, to be quiet and slow. It happens in unscheduled afternoons, lost in local markets. It happens in long, meaningful chats with other travelers – trading stories and favorite memories. Travel goes beyond an itinerary when we least expect, when we give ourselves a moment to breathe.

Travel transcends when we extend ourselves. It happens when we interject a dinner conversation, when we introduce ourselves to the cafe owner. It happens when we accept invitations by locals, when we ask for their personal recommendations. Travel goes deeper when we make ourselves available and open for connection, for friendship and understanding.

To have a half hour of one’s own to get lost, to explore without a plan – heaven. To wake up early and see the morning creep into the still cafes before the buzz of the working people. These moments (and the connections made) amount to a transcendent experience… so much more than a trip.

Have you ever had a trip transcend to something so much more meaningful than you could have ever planned?

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