What’s Your Soulmate Destination?

Astrology, enneagrams, personality tests. Finding curiosity within ourselves happens in many ways. But is it possible to have a soulmate destination? You know, the type of place that feels intimately close to you. 

To get to the bottom of this question, we have to ask ourselves…  “If my heart were a place, what would that destination be?”

It’s an interesting question to ask yourself. What personality traits would you condense into a destination far away? Your spitfire personality and passion? Your kind spirit and soft spoken demeanor?

Sift through all the nuances of what makes you unique. How will your personality translate to a country or region of the world?

I once had a friend tell me that my soul was aligned with Europe. My love for old world art mixed with a sensitive soul apparently lead them to think my heart belonged there. After visiting Europe quite a few times, I definitely don’t disagree with her! The old world of Europe has nestled itself close to my heart. I feel very much aligned with its age and history and its romance.

Now I find myself wondering – which part of Europe am is my heart closest to? Am I a passionate, fiery Italian soul or a sensible, prideful English gal? My mind twists itself into mazes trying to come up with a definite answer. But that’s half the fun of it, isn’t it!

It’s a fun question to ask if you’re looking to do some self evaluation. It’s silly, but it can give you direction and clarity. It even makes the world seem a little more intimate. Ask yourself…

What is your soulmate destination?

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