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How To Plan Your Travels Around Your Passions

When it comes to planning a trip of a lifetime, it can be overwhelming to make decisions on your itinerary. We’re given lists upon lists of “must do” activities, iconic sights and bucket list items galore. It’s exciting, it’s enthralling, but it’s important to also make travel planning decisions based on you! Thinking outside the box is a key aspect of curating the absolute perfect trip.¬†Here are some awesome passions to plan your travels around!

The Foodie Trip Of A Lifetime

Booking a trip centered around food? Yeah, we’d jump at the chance! If you’re a true foodie, do your research! Italy, France, Japan, India! There are a TON of amazing destinations centered around your taste buds. Say hello to cultural delicacies and newfound flavors. Embrace your love of food and book accordingly.

The Literature Loving Babe’s Dream Location

Have you ever completely lost yourself in a book? Who hasn’t, right? If you’re a literature loving Dame Traveler, follow your passion. Choose a setting of your favorite novel and explore it with your own two feet. Walk through Hemingway’s Paris, see J.K. Rowling’s United Kingdom, or experience you’re own version of Eat Pray Love. The added context of learning the setting of your favorite novel is such a joy.

The Artist & The Muse’s Metropolis

Art lovers – the selection of destinations available are seemingly limitless. Seeing the great masterpieces of the world with your own eyes is a trip of a lifetime. Visit Provence through Van Gogh’s eyes, visit the Mona Lisa or the Sistine Chapel, peruse through Rodin’s gardens. Dream every artist’s dream while trekking the same trails as they did.

The History Buff’s Dream

Should you be a Francophile, Japanophile, Nordo-phile (did I just make that up?), plan a trip to relive a part of history you are enthralled with. For the history buff, travel planning starts with a simple skim through your books. Ancient Greece beckons! Our beginnings in Mesopotamian are calling! Vikings await! All it takes is a passport, some research and a little decision making.

The Athletic, Outdoorsy Destination

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or even obsessed with a certain sport, planning a trip around your active passion is a great idea! Yogis will love a trip to Bali, scuba diving enthusiasts will love a dip in Thailand’s wild oceans, and soccer lovers will love being in Europe during the World Cup. When it comes time to trip planning, focusing on the activities that make your heart (and body) happy is a great idea!

The True Relaxation Trip

How many times have we all said, “I just can’t wait to relax?” and yet we still find ourselves stressed for time and energy on vacation? Making relaxation your number one priority when it’s time to plan your travels, is difficult! After all, we always wants to do it all and see it all! Remember, if your peace of mind is requiring some R&R… maybe you should prioritize relaxation over sightseeing on your next adventure. Doesn’t a mindfulness retreat in upstate New York or a beachside home with no plans sound so dreamy?

The Fashionista’s Dream Come True

Fashion-loving gals, maybe it’s time to do some trip planning around your love of clothing, couture or icons! After all, every fashionista dreams of having her own Carrie Bradshaw’s Manhattan or Audrey Hepburn’s Paris. Embracing your love of clothing is a creative way to plan your itinerary. And don’t forget ladies, get your Pinterest ready. Packing for a trip like this is half the fun!

The Nature Loving Location

Connecting with nature is life changing. City living Dame Travelers who crave some Vitamin C and some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life will love planning a trip around the beauty of nature. Book a lake house disconnected from wifi or a trip to a national park!

Wherever your passions lie, remember that are fantastical, creative outlets for you to plan your travels around what you really and truly love. It’s important to remember that your enthusiasm for whatever you love is worthy of your attention! Say yes to itineraries that focus on what you feel drawn to and are inspired by.

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How To Plan Your Travels Around Your Passions

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