Travel The Rainbow: The Most Vivid & Beautiful Locations Organized By Color

Taste the rainbow? No thanks. Let’s travel the rainbow! 

Color hunting has been one of my go-to adventures when I’m feeling uninspired and unable to hop on an international flight. Almost like a scavenger hunt for the eyes, this activity of seeking specific colors throughout a space is a great exercise in appreciation and observation. Aren’t those two the most important skills to have for any adventure?

Color-lover’s prepare yourselves! For this post, we gathered the most vivid and beautiful of locations, organized by color. From vivacious reds, bold blues and every shade in between, there’s a colorful place awaiting you. Let’s travel the rainbow, shall we?


From the iconic London phone booths, to the raging, buzzing colors of the Valley Of Fire desert, to the the bold and beautiful shrines of the Saga Prefecture… this world is bursting with mean reds.



Prepare your eyes. The most abrasive of hues is here! From the iconic rows of toris at the Fushimi Irani Shrine in Kyoto, to the delicate shapes carved in Antelope Canyon… orange might be the most wild of colors. However, the epic Mars-esque landscape of Masada Israel’s desert to the soft sands of Erg Chebbi, this color really flexes its expressive muscle.



The happy color of sunshine and dandelions goes to new heights in architecture around the world. The quaint yellow window pains of Quebec City and the alleys of Izamal, Mexico might make you giddy with happy thoughts!



Nature and green go together like two peas in a pod. It seems like the earth boasts its beauty in the epic shades of green it can produce. Between the lime-green rice paddies of Khau Pha Pass in Vietnam, the dense, dark moss of Iceland, the rich emeralds of Hawaii’s coastline and the soft greens of Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, Mother Nature knows how to vary its beauty.



Should breathe be a color, it might as well be blue. The most relaxing of colors, blues boast natural beauty with such glamour and grace. Imagine exploring every nook and cranny of the blue gem of a city,, Chefchaouen, Morocco… or paddling through the icy clear waters of Lake Louise, Canada. The streetscapes of Caldas da Rainha, Portugal are filled with pretty little cool-hued doors, as are Santorini and Old Havana’s rooftops. And how could we showcase the most beautiful of blues without featuring the crystal waters of Madivaru Finolhu, Maldives?




Mystery, intrigue, royalty. Purple has a lot of associations tied to it… but nonetheless, we’re drawn to its rich quality! From the glowing Supertree Grove, Singapore dotted with sparkling violet lights to Vesterport St. in Denmark, decorated with Wes Anderson-like coloring to the lavendar fields of Valensole, France… violet beckons to be savored.



Sure, pink isn’t necessarily a part of the classic ROY-G-BIV layout, but how could we deny this gem? We couldn’t offer up our favorite collections of colors in this travel the rainbow post without showcasing this feminine hue! Imagine yourself taking in the beauty of sakura season in Senso-ji, Japan, the rugged yet jewel toned streetscapes of Marrakesh or the stark and bold architecture in Calp, Spain!


We are so blessed to live in such a colorful world, aren’t we?

I had so much fun curating these images from around the world so we could all travel the rainbow today. I’m sure I missed some of your favorites! What are some of most beautiful colors you’ve seen around the world? 

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