Top 5 Cities In Europe For International Students

When deciding to study abroad, the city plays almost as important of a role as the university. International students want to spend their student years in a fun place with plenty of things to do in their spare time and have the possibility to travel around. Here are the five best European cities that offer high standards of learning, culturally diverse landscape, and many activities for you to truly enjoy the studies outside of your home country.

Cambridge, England

Without a doubt, London is a highly popular choice among the international students, but there is one city that students find more appealing than the British capital – Cambridge. This city is home to the prestigious University of Cambridge which is among the best universities in the world. As a matter of fact, legendary scientists who revolutionized our understanding of the world such as Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, and Jane Goodall earned their degrees at this prestigious university.

The city’s picturesque streets, filled with brick buildings, marketplaces, and museums, will give you a chance to soak up its rich history and tradition. Since English is the native language, the vast majority of international students won’t have difficulties communicating and making friends with the locals. As for the particular programs, Cambridge is renowned for its international summer programs covering different fields. 

Lisbon, Portugal

With quite an affordable cost of living, plenty of sunshine and warm-hearted locals, Lisbon is an attractive option for students interested in studying abroad.

There is so much charm in this mesmerizing city, with romantic cobblestone streets, colorful houses, and impressive monuments that capture Portuguese’s rich history and tradition. Many quality and diversified programs and courses will help you broaden your academic horizons and gain qualifications that will make it easy for you to transition to the business world and get the desired professional placement after your studies. In recent years, foreign students have shown most interest in studying language and culture, alongside the European Innovation Academy’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Summer Program.

Milan, Italy

Italy has many popular student destinations, but Milan is undoubtedly your best bet if you want to get the highest quality education without the annoying crowds that are a common thing in cities such as Rome and Florence. There are many modern faculties with a wide range of programs, among which RM Istituto Moda e Design leads the way when it comes to master studies in design, fashion and advertising, offering valuable courses that not only educate but prepare the students for the real business world through lectures that include practical work with notable domestic and international experts from different industries. According to Pasquale Volpe, the Director of RM Istituto Design e Moda, the objective of this faculty is to encourage talented students from all over the world to broaden their educational experience with a contemporary master program in Milan.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague will win your heart with its top-ranking universities and a low cost of living. Unlike many popular study abroad destinations in Western Europe, this charming city won’t hurt your wallet, so you can afford to travel more and explore the Czech Republic’s hidden beauty, as well as the neighboring  countries.

Prague is also a great destination for making friends because young and wise minds from all over the world come here to get a degree. In your spare time, you can take walks down the cobblestone lanes, explore the fairytale-like castles and go on beer tastings with your new friends from college. Charles University Faculty of Arts is behind the hottest programs for international talents right now – East & Central European Studies.

Barcelona, Spain

The warmer weather and the long list of exciting attractions make Barcelona one of the busiest cities in Europe, something that international students might find a bit annoying. On the bright side, you’ll get to discover Antoni Gaudi’s impressive architectural wonders, relax at the beautiful beaches and party until the sun comes up in some of the best clubs in Europe.

When it comes to studying, this vibrant Spanish city is a melting pot of many different cultures with thousands of students from all over the world, especially from America meaning that you’ll easily be able to make friends and form global connections. When it comes to curriculum, the Liberal Arts and Business Studies, presented by IES Abroad, are currently the most popular among international students.

Studying abroad is an unforgettable experience that allows you to make new friends, explore the most attractive European destinations and even land the job of your dreams somewhere beyond the borders of your native country. Don’t hesitate to get out of your comfort zone at least for a semester or even a few years to not only gain valuable knowledge but also widen your perspective of the world.

Did you study abroad? Where did you go? We’d love to know!


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