To The Girl Too Afraid To Travel Alone

To the girl too afraid to travel alone, I hear you. I see you. I was you. To embark fearlessly into the great, unknown world that lies awaiting you – it’s scary. It’s intimidating.

But here is the secret most travelers won’t dare tell you. The world is actually kinder than you could ever imagine. It will force you into uncomfortable moments and overpacked subway cars. It will make you sweat and lost and furious and homesick. But, most importantly, it will welcome you into its arms, no matter your location. The world is wondrous (if you haven’t caught on to that already)… but it truly is kind.

You will meet more strangers that will laugh with you than at you. You will meet locals that will giggle at your mishaps, but guide you on your path. You will find friends in strangers and family within the trust gained friendships of those who surround your journey. You will stumble on language barriers and struggle through heat and cold and cancellations and missed connections. But through all the muck and muddle, you must enter each mishap with the security of knowing – the world is kind and you are ready.

You must know that although the world is kind at heart, there will be mountains to be climbed – physically and emotionally. Your internal monologue will question everything. And yet, at the end of your journey, you will be grateful for all of it. And I mean every last bit of it.

To the girl too afraid to travel alone, your best compass is that which guides your every decision – your heart. And if your heart is ready, go. Go into this kind, strange, wonderful world with a curious heart and two capable feet to get you there. The world awaits you.

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  • tina August 10, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    please stop using “girl”. it is an insult to anyone over 10 yrs. old.

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