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Themed Itineraries – A New Twist On Planning Your Ultimate Vacation

We all have passions. From art to reading, stargazing to mountain climbing, movie-going to photography, working out to cooking… there are so many interests a woman can have! And, of course, we all have our absolute favorite movies, books and artists. But have you ever considered centering your adventures around the hobbies and stories you love? Say hello to themed itineraries – the new twist on planning your next trip!

Why Plan A Themed Trip

Simply put – because your interests worth investing in. Our passions, side projects, and off beat curiosities aren’t meant to be stowed away or kept seperate from the lives we lead out there in the world. Dig deep!

Not only will basing your itinerary around something you truly love add so much more meaning to your trip, but it also will propel you forward once you’re home again.

​​​​​​​Plus – How many artists can say that they’ve seen Van Gogh’s gardens first hand? How many writers can say that they’ve explored their novel’s setting in real life to get the true details of a place? How many tea lovers can say that they truly understand the process of sourcing tea leaves in the fields of Vietnam or Japan? You get what we’re saying. Deep memories and intimate experiences with your passions makes you push further into your dreams and passions.

Theme Inspiration

Stumped on how to create a theme for your trip? We’ve got you covered. First, stay true to you! What do you love to do as a hobby? Are you a yoga fanatic, a lover of a book/movie series or novice photographer? Dig into your curiosities. Is there an artist you admire? Why not visit their home country or tour their home? All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to embrace all the quirks and passions you hold dear!

Here are some of our favorite themed itinerary ideas:

  • Ancestry Trip – Visit your ancestors’ towns and retrace their steps
  • Harry Potter Trip / Lord Of The Rings Trip / Game Of Thrones Trip – Explore the filming locations of your favorite fantasy novel (like Scotland, England, New Zealand, Croatia, and more)
  • Coffee / Tea / Whiskey / Beer Lovers Trip – We all have a drink of choice. Why not really learn the ins and outs of the process of making it? Research the best cities in the world to try coffee, or tour a country’s best and brightest breweries, wineries and distilleries.
  • Movie Inspired Trip – Got a favorite movie? Go see its setting in person!
  • Writers Retreat – Take the time to really dig deep into your love for writing while exploring a really peaceful place… or choose to explore a country in the aims of experiencing your novel’s setting first-hand!
  • Photography Workshop – Invest in your love for photos and your up your photography game (… we host these by the way!)
  • Pasta / Pizza / Ramen / Sushi / Your Fave Food Trip – Really embrace your love for your favorite food by attempting to find its absolute best… or learn how to make it yourself by the masters!
  • Van Gogh Trip (or another favorite artist) -Research your favorite artists home country, visit their museums (like Rembrandt’s home in Amsterdam or Van Gogh’s gardens in Arles) or see their masterpieces in person.
  • Yoga / Meditation Retreat – Get your zen on while exploring a new part of the world. There are so many amazing yoga retreats out there! Meet other yogis in an incredible setting.

Have you ever planned a themed itinerary or include specific days of your adventures around a topic, hobby or story? We’d love to know what you did!

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  • Andreia January 25, 2019 at 5:36 am

    This really comes in handy, since I’m visiting Scotland this year and I’m planning a Harry Potter themed trip 🙂

    • Nastasia January 26, 2019 at 1:24 pm

      Love it! Harry Potter + Scotland = a match made in heaven. Seriously! You’ll LOVE your trip.

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