The World Needs More Wanderers, And This Is Why…

We live in tumultuous times – there’s no denying it. Between political drama, international affairs, rollercoaster news cycles and everything else going on in the world, it can be hard to maneuver through daily life. When thinking about the future world and the idealized people who encompass it, I think it of one specific type or person – travelers. Yes, the world needs more wanderers… and this is why.

Travelers, specifically those who travel in the hopes to learn and grow come back to their home country with so much more than a new passport stamp. Their experiences bring about empathy, understanding and a more compassionate outlook towards those who differ than themselves.

Travel enlightens those that are privileged in ways they were absolutely ignorant about. Clean water, or the joy of a working bathroom, a much needed roof or heat… These obvious “necessities” are simply splendors in other parts of our world, and only those explorers to witness this firsthand can fully comprehend this fact. In a world where ignorance seems to be a continuing trend, education and understanding in combination with empathy and compassion is the remedy we desperately need. All of which come from experiences gathered through explorations and relationships made through travel near and far.

Experiences abroad allow wanderers to see the amazing similarities between all races, creeds, genders, religion and classes. The core motivation to see and celebrate all that unifies us is an amazing quality travelers possess. Shouldn’t we be proud of our diversity, yet innately know how our hearts beat as one? In a future world of kindness and open-hearted relationships between all people, it might take the experiences and stories told through travelers to open the public’s eyes.

Witnessing the graciousness of all people, even those who stand is absolute opposition of our own outlooks can unify a divisive world. Wanderers are the first and primary people who can tell the stories of a unified similarities between themselves and strangers along their journeys. Let’s celebrate that!

The world needs more wanderers because the world needs more curious, compassionate individuals encompassing it. Travelers are not perfect. They are not the sole remedy to our world’s issues. But those that explore with open minds, open hearts and a willingness to learn and grow from the people and places they experience might just be guiding our future into a better place. What do you think?

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