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The Biggest Perk About Solo Travel? Reconnecting With Yourself

We turn to travel for many reasons: for relaxation, for adventure, for new perspectives, for bucket lists and so much more. But hidden inside every excuse to travel (especially solo travel) is a big perk – the chance to reconnect with ourselves. Sure, we’ve all craved our own version of Eat Pray Love, but no matter what your destination is… the biggest perk about solo travel is to gain a deeper understanding about ourselves.

Perspective Gained

Stuck in a rut, uninspired, trapped. We’ve all found ourselves in these negative places in our lives. So much of our inner turmoil (or lack there of) comes from feeling so intensely close to our realities.

The best way to gain perspective is by changing the environment we’re in. Leaving behind your daily routines, your safe places and your home-base shifts your understanding of what is expected. Pack up your bags, explore somewhere new and you’ll find that within a matter of hours that your perspective has completely shifted. While getting away from the significant events in our lives, we are able to escape the noise and remind ourselves who we truly are.

Time, Mindfulness & Independence

As modern women, we are constantly told to be many things. Bold, brave, compassionate, caring, vulnerable. But to what point does it all become exhausting?

Redefining what we need, what we desire and who we are requires an inner stillness and time to check in with ourselves. Solo travel, in its many twists and turns, allows us the chance to ask ourselves the harder questions. We can ponder our needs, we can give ourselves the time to “escape” and, most importantly, we give ourselves the necessary love and attention we so often forget.

Self care can come in many forms, and we believe that travel can certainly be one of them. Nourish yourself. Spend an evening savoring a delicious meal for yourself, stay gracious, buy yourself a trinket for your apartment that fills you with joy. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself the time to be still and simply enjoy.

Saying Yes

When you are in absolute control of what your day consists of, it’s amazing how much you learn about yourself. Wander for hours, have a mid-afternoon coffee, visit some galleries… or do absolutely nothing at all (a glorious choice)! Choosing the direction of your time allows us to tune in to our inner desires, the ones that we ignore and squash while in the daily grind.

Ask yourself, what does your perfect day look like? Fill your minutes with activities that fill your soul up. You’ll find a deeper understanding of your desires and a chance to recognize your inner quirks and needs.

Traveling certainly has the ability to open minds and open hearts, but it also provides an opportunity for us to explore new territories within ourselves.

Have you ever traveled solo? How your experiences allowed you to learn more about yourself?

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