The Best Destinations For a Cycling Trip This Summer

Wanting a holiday where you can stay fit, take in incredible views and enjoy an amazing time with friends and family? A cycling trip may just be perfect for you.

In recent years, cycling has become incredibly popular in the US. The most recent data available revealed that there were around 47.5 million cyclists in the states. These people use their bikes for sport, leisure or travel. This rising popularity has made cycling holidays a very popular idea for many people. There are so many places to visit and have a great time with your bike. If you’re unsure of where you can go on these trips, read on to find the best summer destinations for cycling tours.

There are many beautiful locations to go cycling around the world but they can vary in difficulty. You must choose a location that suits your skill level. This will ensure that you get the most out of your trip instead of constantly having to push your bike up steep hills.

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Perfect for beginners, Croatia offers island hopping islands whilst taking in incredible oceanside views. Enjoy rough and ready terrain that will provide you with the necessary challenge to keep your cycling interesting.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A city famed for having bikes located on every street but it is also a great city for riding around in too. Enjoy guided cycling tours or take in the sights at your own pace with a leisurely ride.

Burgundy and Champagne, France

Cycle through France’s beautiful countryside on this easy-going route. Along the way, you can stop at vineyards and taste some of the wonderful wines they have on offer.

Black Forest Germany

This 248km ride follows a former railway track and is suitable for families of mixed abilities. The route is mainly flat and when you stop for a break, you can try the famous Black Forest gateau.

Cape Breton, Canada

A super popular location for cyclists in summer, this 300km loop can be completed in a day or a week depending on your skill level. Here, you’ll enjoy plenty of green terrain and blue skies.

Cycling tours offer a range of benefits which is why they are a must for cycle enthusiasts. Stay fit and healthy whilst being able to freely move around your destination. The majority of cycling locations are also tourist hotspots, so you’ll find plenty of amenities to take advantage of when you’re taking a break from your ride.

Wherever you decide to go, your trip will require a bike which can be awkward to take on flights. Ensure you know how to travel with your bike and start planning your cycle trip today to make sure your summer break is a success.

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