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Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You’re Flying

Airport Style: What To Wear While En Route

From the coziest pieces to the most stylish, here are our airport essentials we love to pack and wear while en route!

Cotton Tee

If there’s one thing to always turn to – no matter how short or long your flight is… it’s a soft, cotton tee! Dress it up with a nice jacket or get really cozy with a zip up hoodie or sweater. A soft tee shirt is a staple in every traveler’s closet. Hunting for your own perfect tee? Make sure to find a fit that’s slightly loose that makes you feel comfortable and unrestricted, and in a fabric that breathes and is oh so soft.

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

A Polished Mid-Length Coat

Nothing dresses up even the most jet lagged traveler than a midi-coat. Throw it on after going through security and you’ll be looking calm, cool and collected. We love using a midi-coat as a makeshift blanket on those chilly flights too! Looking put together and also down right comfortable? A total airport essential style win.

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

Relaxed Jeans

Jeans that fit well and are a relaxed fit are our favorite staple piece to throw on when heading out to the airport! They’re just as comfy as they are cool when paired with a pair of sneakers. But they’re also not too casual if you’re lucky enough to get upgraded to first class!

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

A Cozy Scarf

When it comes to staying warm and comfortable in the most uncomfortable of places, we love our favorite cozy scarf that doubles as a warm blanket on cold flights! Made with baby alpaca wool, it’s packable and keeps you warm and comfortable at the same time. We like to opt for a neutral color so it coordinates with all of your outfits and can double as a nice covering if you need to use it when entering religious sights!

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

Silk Eye-Mask

An un-interrupted rest on a red eye flight is heaven on earth! That’s why we love Moonlit Skincare’s silk “Let Me Sleep” eye mask. We love that its interior pitch-black paneling blocks out distracting light to increase melatonin production. Imagine popping it on after you get settled into your seat and waking up in a new country! 

Airport Essentials: What To Wear En Route

The Perfect Toiletry Case

A standard airport essential that’s ready and waiting in every Dame Traveler’s carry on – a toiletry bag that can hold every little item needed. This vegan toiletry case by Matt & Nat can handle all the TSA approved beauty items you have in your bag, and look good while doing it! 

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

A Cool Leather Jacket

If your destination is a little warmer, opt for a slick leather jacket to up your airport style. Pop it on over your casual tee and relaxed joggers, and you’ll look effortlessly comfortable and ready to take on the world.

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

The Ideal Travel Backpack

There’s nothing quite like having the peace of mind knowing that all your things are exactly in the right place. And that’s why we’re obsessed with The Pakt Travel Backpack. Designed for real travelers, by real travelers – this backpack is waterproof, carry-on friendly, features top access (perfect for grabbing your laptop or passport when in a rush!), an external bottle pocket, comfy as all heck shoulder straps, lockable zippers, and so much more. Simply put – one of our must have airport essentials. There’s no other travel backpack that is this intentional, streamlined and made for explorers! 

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

Neutral, Comfy Leather Flats

I love a buttery soft leather shoe, like this one for long haul flights. They’re insanely soft and lightweight, pack up easily and go with just about everything. I always choose shoes that can be dressed up or down for travel. And these fit the bill and then some! They’ll easily work for sightseeing in the city or dressed up for a nice dinner.

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

Warm Socks

Coziness is the key element of every item a seasoned traveler hunts for! We’re obsessed with this Globetrotter Set, filled with the ultimate-soft alpaca socks to pop on, a hypoallergenic travel blanket and a snuggly eye mask. The alpaca wool is incredibly durable (and sourced sustainably!), and so much softer than any other fabric we’ve encountered. It’s one of the airport essentials you’ll always be glad you packed!

Airport Essentials: What To Wear and Pack When You're Flying

Silk Pillowcase 

Add a bit of luxury to your airport experience with a silk pillow case. This plush item takes up basically zero space in your carry on and prevents wrinkles and breakage in hair… so you can count us in! While most cotton pillowcases you’re given on a long-haul flight are absorbent and cause creasing, a 100% mulberry silk does not – letting your skin care items do their best work. It’s a little treat we love to give ourselves when en route! 

Airport Essentials: What To Wear En Route

Have you nailed your airport style? What pieces do you always turn to?

Looking for more travel style inspo? Check out our “what to pack” series and “how to not look like a tourist in” series too!

Advice Travel Planning

How Understanding Your Unique Travel Approach Changes Everything

There are few things more exciting for me than researching, planning, and preparing for a next trip. I can feel equal parts excitement, fear, anxiety, and gratitude. However, all the preparation is part of the travel process for me; something that brings me great joy and eases my worry. For others, this planning may be an aspect of traveling that brings too much anxiety or is a detail that others can do without. Knowing and understanding how your unique travel approach, and those who you are traveling with, can be a great asset in preparing and having the best experience on your trip.

Step one – figure out your own travel style.

Are you a planner who needs to have the train routes and tickets ahead of time, meals and attractions researched, and a strict itinerary? Are you more free-spirited and like to see where the day takes you as long as you have your ticket to get there? Or, are you somewhere in between?

There isn’t a “wrong” travel style – it’s understanding how you operate! Knowing a little more about yourself can be helpful to predict how your trip may go, regardless if you are traveling with someone new or an old friend.

Take some time to learn how you plan things, and how you may react when things don’t go as planned. Or, on the flip side, if you need to do some planning and can’t be as spontaneous as you’d prefer, how can you manage having that structure?

Step two – take into account others that are traveling with you.

If you are an avid traveler, you may have already experienced traveling with others who don’t have the same routines as you or very different personalities. Differing goals and expectations of a trip can cause frustration and resentment between your travel companions if not addressed ahead of time.

Understanding your expectations and how you handle travel stressors can help you to communicate them more effectively with others.

One way to avoid this, can be to have a quick meeting beforehand to plan what each member of your travel group wants to achieve during the trip, how they each would handle any crises that arise, and how they want to structure each day. For example, if one adventurer likes to be up and exploring from sun up to sun down, this would be helpful for someone to know who may want to sleep in and have a slower exploration pace.

Step three- navigate misaligned travel approaches

There are many ways to navigate mismatched traveling styles, such as finding ways to compromise on how many sites are visited, or how much down time to allot.

Another option is to see if either of you are comfortable separating individually or into smaller groups for a period of time to do things that meet each of your needs. Even if you’ve traveled with the same people in the past, depending upon where you’re going and what the purpose of the trip is, the expectations may not always be the same.

Likely, if you have a love of traveling, you are at least somewhat prepared to handle the unexpected. Things can go array regardless of how much or little is planned. Worrying about how you well you’ll get along with your travel partners doesn’t have to be an additional stressor!

While traveling with others who “travel” differently than you can be stressful, naming the expectations ahead of time can prepare you more readily for your adventure. Best of all, remember that even if you are traveling with a group, it is still YOUR experience – make it what you need it to be!