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Our Cozy Spotify Playlist Perfect For Fall Adventures

A cup of coffee. Fall leaves changing. The brisk cool air of autumn. Yep, we’re ready and excited for fall. Whether you’re an East Coast American fully embracing “sweater weather,” or savoring the slower seasons ahead around the world – we’re excited to share another seasonal Spotify playlist.

As travelers, we’re constantly preparing a million things before we jet off to the next adventure. Packing, planning, etc. is a lot to handle! And that’s why we want to add an easy, comforting touch to your explorations.

If you didn’t know, we love curating songs based on destinations, cultural experiences and travel vibes/moods. There’s something so incredible about having the perfect soundtrack. Music is powerful. It can transform the mundane into something epic. It can transform your outlook and mood within minutes. So, don’t overlook it!

Today, we’re spotlighting our Cozy In Copenhagen Spotify playlist. Filled with slower, acoustic numbers – this list of songs goes great with a warm cup of coffee and a drizzle of rain. You’ll find songs of happiness and contentment mixed with soothing guitar and piano pieces that are sure to get you in the perfect mindset for fall. Get your cozy sweater on and embrace the season, Dame Travelers. This playlist is perfect for the impending fall weather ahead.

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What vibe/destination would you like next on our Spotify channel? Airport vibes? Solo-independent empowerment songs? Spanish/Flamenco inspired jams? We’d love to know!

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Our Soothing Playlist For Nervous Fliers

Music has the incredible power of setting the tone for our experiences. A free-spirited song for your perfect road trip with the windows down, an ethereal mix for a quiet walk in the woods… music is the divine element that can transform and elevate our mindset. And that’s why having the perfect, soothing playlist for nervous fliers is imperative. 

As a former nervous flier, there are certain prerequisites I need to truly feel ready to tackle a trip abroad an airplane. And one of them? A soothing mix of music that I can turn to. It might be a small trick, but I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have a familiar, calm song to listen to when my heart starts racing. (You can read about my other biggest tips and tricks for overcoming the fear of flying here!

Today, I’m happy to say we’re sharing the love for other nervous fliers out there. Here’s our playlist “Mid Air, Mid Flight” – made specifically to soothe the worried soul, no matter how turbulent the conditions may be. Think slow, calming songs that have messages of hope, peace and wonder… the type of music that feels like a warm hug.

If you missed our other playlists, we’re spotlight our favorite pieces of music for other Dame Travelers on Spotify. And that’s why we’re sharing monthly playlists dedicated to specific destinations and travelers’ experiences. 

We really love making these for you all to “escape to” whenever you like. So, be sure to subscribe and tell us what playlist styles, genres and destinations you’d like to see next!


Dame Traveler’s March Playlist: La Bella Vita, An Italian Escape

What plays in a traveler’s headphones on a long journey is one of the most personal, sacred things in the world. I truly believe it. Music has the divine power to transform the ordinary to the magical, the mundane to the mystifying, and the long road ahead to an epic adventure. Believe me, I’m pretty sure we’d all go a little bonkers without our headphones and an excellent playlist to pass the time and to set the mood on a long flight!

One of our goals for the new year is to create playlists to set the mood of far off destinations for you. Whether you’re getting inspired for your upcoming vacay, you’re just missing your experiences and getting nostalgic or need a pick me up while cooking dinner, pop on one of our destination-based Spotify playlists… and you’re there! Sound like something you’d like? Great!

Each month, we’ll be spotlighting one of our Spotify playlists we’ve been curating for you. Be sure to give us a follow and download the destination’s you love most!

This month, we’ve created a playlist exemplifying the romance, and the lush, slow evenings of Italy’s “la bella vita.” Feel the warmth of the Tuscan sun, get ready for romance and classic Italian charm! There’s no place in the world like Italy… but we sure hope this playlist will transport you right there, no matter where you are right now. Happy listening!

We really love making these for you all to “escape to” whenever you like. So, be sure to subscribe and tell us what playlist styles, genres and destinations you’d like to see next!

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Missing Paris? Listen To Our “Lost In Paris” Playlist

Missing Paris? Listen To Our "Lost In Paris" Playlist

Music has the amazing ability to transport us to intimate memories, time periods of yore, and familiar and distant places. It might be, perhaps, the most intimate art form. For a Dame Traveler craving an adventure and not quite able to up and go… music can give us wings. Let’s transport to anywhere in the world, just by putting on our headphones, ladies. We’ve been thinking a lot about making resources that are meaningful and unique for you. And with that, we’re loving the idea of making occasional playlists to inspire wanderlust. First up, our Lost in Paris Playlist. Perfect for a gal missing the city of light.

Filled nostalgic French songs that will beckon you to the Belle Époque and the swing 1920s and dreamy classical pieces written in the languid, romantic style of the culture, we’re loving listening our Paris Playlist on dreary days. Buff up on your French, or don’t bother at all! Hearing the beautiful language mixed with lush instrumental backgrounds is a dream. One of our favorite things to do in Paris is to get lost walking around the city with a croissant in hand while listening to this list.

Don’t forget that you can download the playlist on the Spotify app and have it ready anytime (even if you don’t have wifi)! Just click the download toggle and Paris awaits you anytime and anywhere you go. Enjoy!

Lost In Paris Playlist

Enjoy the beautiful music of France’s capital city. One that has captured the minds, hearts and memories of millions. It’s no wonder we find ourselves missing dear Paris. It’s our hope that our Lost In Paris Playlist sets your desire to visit the City Of Light into a tizzy… but also gives you a sense that you can experience a slice of it no matter where you are.

What other playlists would you like for us to make? Comment below.
We’re having so much fun making these!