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These “Honeymoon Destinations” Are Actually Perfect For Solo Travelers

Newlyweds have their go-to romantic destinations they dream of exploring together… but who said those places are reserved for couples only? Today, we’re spotlighting some famous “honeymoon destinations” that are actually perfect for solo travelers!

Greek Islands

Embrace those sunset dreams of Mykonos and Santorini! Sure the Greek Islands are a romantic destination most newlyweds dream of visiting… but it’s actually perfect for a solo traveler too! Imagine it. Days spent exploring the coasts, dipping into cold, refreshing, blue waters of the Adriatic, eating local cuisine, sipping wine. Don’t forget to explore the smaller, underrated islands! You’ll be able to get an authentic look at Greece’s island culture while avoiding the hustle of tourist packed downtowns!

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is just one of those classic honeymoon destinations that are well loved for good reason. The town is laid back, the resorts are incredible, the downtown area is bustling with adorable shops and enough delicious eateries to keep even the biggest foodies feeling overwhelmed. It’s also an incredible spot for solo travelers to kick back, relax and enjoy. It’s well connected to many other famous beaches, Mayan ruins and well, it’s just plain beautiful! Whether you’re exploring Tulum alone or accompanied, you’ll need to get your cameras ready and be sure to explore some of its most picturesque spots. Tulum is seriously a charmer!

Kauai, Hawaii

The Hawaiian islands are just classic when it comes to classic dream vacations. But why argue against that?! Kauai, sort of the wildest island of Hawaii, is a perfect mix of tropical island, wildlife, incredible laid back beach culture and beautiful swaying palms. It’s an incredibly safe place for a solo traveler too! Most locals embrace hitchhiking culture and are incredibly friendly. Kauai just might be paradise on earth!


Many newlywed like to think outside the box when it comes to planning their honeymoon destination. Instead of opting for the classic resort vacation, lots of couples are leaning into the more adventurous side of life. Iceland is a treat for the outdoor enthusiast. And it’s an incredible spot for the solo traveler to get in touch with wild nature, the elements and Scandinavian history and culture. Rent a van, tent in the wild, wake up to plunging waterfalls, brisk mornings, midnight suns and friendly next door puffins. Iceland’s natural beauty will have you awestruck.

Patagonia, Argentina

Another adventurous honeymoon destination that’s literally perfect for the solo traveler – Patagonia! The mountainous region that splits Argentina and Chile will challenge you with its awesome hikes to its pinnacles and leave you breathless with its arid steppes, grasslands, deserts, glacial fjords and rainforests. It’s the trip lifetime to see this place in person! Solo travelers will love the group tours that often explore this region. It’s a great way to meet others while on the road while also experiencing one of the world’s most astounding natural sights.

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is a charming choice for honeymooners! But it’s also a fantastic destination for solo travelers too. Find yourself tucked into a bustling little pub to enjoy a pint of Guinness, get to know the locals, enjoy live music on every street corner, delight in Irish stews and classic dishes. Dublin is a whirlwind of pure joy! It’s also a great starting point for other adventures on the isle, so look into day trips or multi-day explorations of other parts of beautiful Ireland!

Amalfi Coast, Italy

We have a love affair with the Amalfi Coast here at Dame Traveler. It’s an incredibly romantic destination… that’s for sure. With its lush greenery, the hill topped villas covered in ivy, epic sunsets and delicious food and wine – why wouldn’t someone in love choose to explore Amalfi? But! We also happen to think that Amalfi is perfect for solo travelers too. Why? Well, it’s small enough to really get to know the local towns in and out, but it’s also incredibly well connected to other coastal towns via train and boat. Enjoy the most delicious meals of your life after spending long days exploring the quaint, pastel hued alleys of every little town along the coast.

Koh Samui, Thailand

The swaying palms, the clearest waters, the quiet, laid back coast of Thailand. Yeah, doesn’t that sound like paradise? That’s because Koh Samui basically is. As opposed to the party-central Ko Pha-ngan or Phuket, Koh Samui is a little more friendly, chilled and just… beautiful. Solo travelers will learn why it’s the perfect location after they spend one day exploring the island. Koh SamuiKoh Samui.

New Zealand

Another adventurous choice newlyweds select as their honeymoon destination (for good reason!) is New Zealand. Pack up your car, hit the road, spend hours hiking the peaks of the northern and southern islands, sip some of the best wine from local wineries, disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature for a bit. New Zealand is incredible. Solo travelers will love to pack their itineraries with everything this country has to offer.

Kyoto, Japan

The quiet, zen districts of Kyoto are unlike any place in the world. Which is why solo travelers and honeymooners alike will adore exploring this city. Spend your days learning the ancient history of the Gion district, hike through the epic bamboo forests and Shinto shrines, walk the Philosopher’s Path after stopping for a tea ceremony. Kyoto is a feast for the senses.

Whether you’re exploring this world with a partner by your side, or bravely exploring it alone… we hope you embrace the possibilities of all destinations out there in the world. There’s no restrictions when it comes to planning your travels!

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7 Tips For Making Your First Solo Trip An Adventure Of A Lifetime

It’s your time. You’ve finally decided to take a leap of faith, to book the ticket, to take the time. You’ve decided to take on the ultimate dream of a modern, courageous, curious woman. You’re going on your first solo trip! First off, a huge congratulations! And now, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are seven tips for making your first solo trip a true adventure of a lifetime!

Do Your Research

Before hopping on the plane to your ultimate adventure, look into as much as you can about your destination.

Sometimes the anticipation for your trip is just as good as the expedition itself! If you have a few weeks or months before you depart, buy some books on your destination’s history and cultural traditions. I love learning about the odd and quirky details of a place in between watching movies and historical books set in the location I’m about to explore! It’s a fun way to get excited and educated at the same time. (You can check out more fun ways to get amped for your trip here!)

Besides pre-planning your lodgings and confirming your itinerary, look into as many insider’s guides and solo traveler guides! You’ll be surprised just how handy they are. Traveling alone is unlike any other type of trip… and there are tons of helpful tricks out there.

And don’t forget to research safety tips, must-see sights and culinary treats you should devour!

Don’t Overpack

Ugh. This one is hard. But remember, you’re only one person. And with no one to depend on but yourself should be great motivation to keep your packing light!

Only bring clothes that are weather (and culturally) appropriate, makes you feel comfortable and matches well with the rest of the items in your suitcase. Look into packing using a color palette or adopting a capsule wardrobe for your trip! It’s a great way to minimize the items of clothing in your suitcase while also remaining stylish and chic.

Care For Yourself

It seems odd to say, but in the midst of a whirlwind trip… we often forget to check in with ourselves. Take care of yourself, girlfriend! Whether that means you treat yourself to an extra sweet, or take a long, hot shower, or you decide to stay in one night to reconnect with friends and family… do what makes you happy.

There’s truly no other time you can simply ask yourself “what do I want to do today?” – and simply just do that, without reservation or others to consider. Take advantage!

Say “Yes”

Many solo travelers fear that they won’t be able to make friendships while they’re overseas. But we’ve found some really easy ways to make great connections with other adventurers while on your own journey!

Accept Loneliness – Embrace A Solo Mindset

You are going to face loneliness as a solo traveler. And sometimes, it happens in the weirdest and most unexpected places. And ya know what? You just have to embrace it. Solo travel gives you the opportunity to get in touch with yourself, honestly and truly. So, embrace a solo mindset. You’re here to learn and grow and grapple with the elements. You’re here to see the world with your own two eyes. And you’re fully capable of handling this alone. Accept that lonely little voice resonating in your head and gently tell it, “I got this. Don’t worry.”

And worse case scenario – call home or reconnect with some pals when you have good wifi connection!

Trust Your Intuition

If you have a weird feeling about something or someone – trust your gut. It goes without saying, but there is so much truth to the cliche “trust your intuition.” Don’t ignore any sort of iffy feeling! (Here’s a post on travel safety for female travelers… if you want the extra reassurance!)

Take It All In

You’re here. Finally! Enjoy every single second. No matter what bump in the road occurs, remember – this is the dream. You’re going to learn so much from your first solo adventure. More than you can even fully grasp right now. Take it all in. Soak in the beauty. Breathe in the wild ride.

We hope your first solo trip is more than you could have ever imagined and more!

P.S. Check out these posts if you’re looking for more resources on solo travel!




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Explore Unafraid: 16 Savvy Safety Tips For Women Who Travel

One of the most popular questions we receive is – what do we do to ensure that we’re staying safe when traveling solo? It’s a horrible, but accurate fact that women traveling alone will face more danger than any of their male counterparts. So, how do we do it? How do we continue to explore this world with compassion and curiosity? Simply put – we exercise intelligent caution and always stick to these 23 savvy safety tips for women who travel.

Book Hotels With Lots Of Reviews

Do your research. If your lodgings is too good to be true – it probably really is. Shady hotels and AirBnbs will offer great prices in prime locations, but without the cost you’d expect.

If you’re feeling unsure about a place, read through the reviews carefully and with a discerning eye. Most lodgings should have twenty or more reviews from confirmed guests just to start! See if any reviews are coming from women traveling solo. Their thoughts will guide you the right way!

Ask Flight Attendants & Female Concierge Staff About Their Feelings On Safety

It may seem a little uncomfortable for us shy travelers, but it could make a world of difference. Ask the women you encounter throughout your travels on their honest opinions on safety. A female concierge, flight attendant, waitress, hostess, etc. will tell you what to look out for or if they’ve had any scary incidents in the area you are staying in.

Never, Ever Use An Unmarked Taxi

You may be tempted by a cheaper, less stressful ride… but DON’T do it. Unmarked taxis are completely unmonitored and unregulated, leaving you unprotected in a potentially horrible situation.

Know Your Destination’s Emergency Phone Numbers

Do a quick Google search before you depart. Saving your foreign emergency phone numbers into your phone could save your life! Especially in a situation that requires you to act fast.

Take Note Of Sunrise/Sunset

Make sure you are aware of when sunrise and sunset will be occurring. Just check your weather app! If you know you’ll need to be navigating by foot (hiking, taking a long walk when there’s no public transportation) in an unknown area, you’ll know when you need to be on your way.

Research If There Is A Front Desk Open 24 Hours

Hotels with a 24 hour concierge will most likely be monitored by guards or security. Plus, you can rest assured that someone is always present downstairs in your hotel providing protection while you rest peacefully.

Hang Your “Do Not Disturb” Sign Even When You Are Gone

When you hang your “please make up room” sign – it’s a dead give away to thieves that you are not inside. So, do the opposite! If you hang your “do not disturb” sign 24 hours a day, thieves are most likely to overlook your room because they won’t want to risk you being inside. Call downstairs and ask for your room to be cleaned instead of making your room a potential robber’s easy target!

Be Wary Of Your Purse At All Times

I once put my purse right below my feet at a cafe, only to find a man behind me slowly pulling my crossbody strap towards him. Catching him red handed gave him a shock and really gave me the insight on how relaxed I had gotten on tracking my purse! No matter how comfortable or safe you feel, be wary of your purse, ladies! Keep it on your lap in cafes, hands resting on the top zipper while you maneuver through busy streets, and on your body when you use the bathroom.

Walk Confidently With Eye Contact

Men looking to cause harm to a woman search for signals that they will not fight or cause a scene. Do the opposite. If you’re feeling uncomfortable with a person walking towards you on a quiet street, walk confidently and lock eyes with them. Predators looking for an “easy” target will be more likely to leave you alone.

Pre-plan Your Way Through Public Transportation

Before you head out for the day, research your methods of getting around using public transportation. Which stops will you need to take? How long is your journey? How many blocks will you need to walk? Just having the knowledge of what to expect on your way will give you the confidence to maneuver through the city and avoid any dicey characters who want to offer you “help.”

Leave Your Travel Details With Family/Friends At Home

Always, always, always leave behind your travel details with someone at home. Things you should include are: your rough itinerary, the places you’ll be staying (hotel name, address, phone number, host, etc.), the flights you’ll be taking (flight numbers and airline, destination and arrival airports, layovers, etc.), emergency phone numbers of your destination and any trains, busses or other means of transportation you’ll be taking.

It may seem like a lot of work upfront, but it could save you your life! One trustworthy person knowing your schedule will eliminate many headaches and worries should anything go wrong on your journey!

Exercise Caution When Posting Your Vacay Pics

It can be tempting to immediately share your vacation pictures, but exercise some caution. Let me explain!

Sharing your vacay Instagrams signal to robbers back home that you are not there (leaving them with an abandoned home to shop from). And, in addition to that, it also gives a timeline and location for anyone wanting to do you harm. Be careful about tagging specific locations, including the hotels you are staying in! If you have to post on your journey, choose more vague location tags or wait a few days until posting. It may seem overly cautious, but do you really want to risk it?

Exercise Caution To Anyone Being “Too” Friendly

Optimism has gotten me into trouble in my past. Be careful with anyone who offers you anything too good to be true, or too friendly without any natural friendship made or conversation had beforehand.

What I mean is, if you’re struggling to print your boarding ticket – don’t accept help from a random person who isn’t getting a ticket themselves. If you’re having problems handling your suitcases and backpacks – don’t accept help from a person who isn’t also carrying one and on their way to their station or gate.

Of course you are going to make random conversations with people as you travel, and you are going to meet many friendly, safe and helpful locals and explorers alike. But, unfortunately, you might also come across extremely helpful people who aren’t necessarily there to be a friend. If you have the sense that someone is being “too” friendly and something is up – move on.

If You’re Lost, Ask A Family Or A Woman For Directions

Let your intuition guide you, but if you are lost, ask a family with children or a woman your own age for directions.

Always Mention That You’re Meeting With Someone

Just a quick “yeah, I’m meeting my friend there,” or “my boyfriend is expecting a call from me” will immediately cause a trouble maker to slam their breaks. Knowing that you have someone who is awaiting you to be somewhere or check in will raise a red flag.

Trust Your Gut

Last but not least, never doubt your intuition. If something is telling you to leave, if your gut is telling you something is up, if you even have a nagging voice warning you that you are unsafe – listen to it. Don’t doubt yourself.

Obviously, this is just the beginning of safety tips! There’s so many simple, yet effective ways to ensure your own safety while out on the road.

Be sure to check out this post on more simple, safety tricks specifically for solo travelers too!

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4 Simple, Yet Important Lessons Traveling Teaches You

Traveling is one of the best and most rewarding things you can do with your life. If you’re reading this blog, you probably already agree! It allows you to see all the amazing places the world has to offer, from beautiful beaches to busy cities. But traveling leaves you with more than lovely memories — it teaches you valuable life lessons, too.

Don’t Be Scared – It’s Really That Simple

I wouldn’t describe myself as particularly brave; however, when I first told people about my decision to travel alone for seven months, a common reaction was: “That’s so brave. Aren’t you scared?”

My parents, in particular, were super anxious at first. My mom asked me several times if there wasn’t anyone I wanted to travel with. Preferably a guy… even better, a very tall and strong one. But there was no one who I could imagine spending seven months with and who shared my exact ideas and plans for backpacking.

So, I boarded the plane by myself, and although I’d told everyone that I wasn’t scared, I did have a nervous feeling in my stomach. If I’m totally honest, the first couple of days weren’t the kind of liberating experience I had in mind. I didn’t know how to approach new people in hostels (more about that in #3), didn’t sleep well in a room full of strangers, and I was scared about someone stealing my passport or credit card.

Eventually, solo travel grew on me. Like all things new and unfamiliar, you need an adjustment period. It turned out to be the best decision and one of the greatest experiences of my life! And that’s despite the fact I did end up having my credit card details stolen and more than 2,000 Euro taken from my account! I managed to block my account and get a full refund, so, in the end, it wasn’t that bad!

Things will happen while traveling, regardless of whether you’re going solo, with a partner, or with friends, and being scared won’t change anything.

The Importance Of Trying New Things

This one goes hand-in-hand with the previous point: you won’t only learn not to be scared, but also how to embrace new opportunities and things that happen unexpectedly.

Before leaving Germany, I planned to always say “yes” during my journey.

Consequently, I ended up rock climbing in Salt Lake City, paragliding over Hawaii, sleeping outside in the Australian Outback, and eating bugs in Thailand.

None of this was planned and I think I’d have said no if someone had asked me back home. I’d never been interested in climbing, heights, meeting reptiles at night, or snacking insects, yet every single experience was amazing!

Push Yourself – Talk To People

As mentioned earlier, I had a hard time approaching people at the beginning of my journey. I didn’t really know how to start a conversation or ask someone if they wanted to do something together without sounding needy.

I don’t think of myself as a shy person, but it just felt odd! So, whenever I was in a hostel, I waited for someone to approach me. I was lucky that this happened a lot — as is often the case in hostels — and I slowly overcame the weird feeling of throwing myself into a conversation with someone new.

The longer I traveled for, the more outgoing and confident I became! The vast majority of people I met along the way were great! We went on amazing trips together, had interesting conversations, and even better parties. I’m still in touch with many of them today, and two even became very close friends.

Being able to start conversations easily and confidently is a skill that I still benefit from today. From professional networking to making friends in a new city, traveling has taught me not to overthink starting conversations anymore.

Be Open-Minded

On one hand, meeting new people is very interesting, but, on the other hand, it can be challenging. Most travelers will have great stories to share and you’ll get along with them well.

There will, however, be people with opinions that are fundamentally different from yours. In my opinion, however, those are the most interesting.

When abroad, I always do my best to stay away from other German travelers. It’s not that I don’t like them, but rather that I feel like I can talk to Germans any time! But I only have the chance to speak to someone from Malaysia, Australia, or India at that given moment. I love hearing their personal stories and finding out more about their country and culture — and, if they’re interested, I’ll tell them about mine.

The open-minded attitude I got from traveling helps me every day, as I currently have colleagues from about 40 different countries. I love being part of such an international environment every day!

Needing some more encouragement?

Check out more insightful lessons from the road here, words of affirmation for the woman nervous to travel alone here, and lots of helpful tips for introverts traveling solo can be found on this post.

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5 Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of Solo Travel

Have you ever lusted over photos of people traveling around the world? Have you noticed the huge boom of people (not just millennials) transitioning their jobs and lifestyles to lead a more remote life? It may seem impossible to do, but it’s not as intimidating as you may think.

I’ve known for the last 15+ years of my life that I wanted to see the world. But, let’s be realistic… does anyone in their late teens/early 20’s think to themselves; I’m going to go by myself across the world and just see what happens. Actually, I’m sure that a ton of people do. But they’re much braver than most people are, myself included.  

Being a solo female traveler specifically can seem a little daunting, especially if you’ve read some of the horrific stories spiraling around the web these days. But on the flip side, there are also SO many wonderful stories of solo travel, for both men and women.

It’s all about having some basic street smarts, and a whole lot of open mindedness.

Personally, I never thought I would enjoy traveling solo. When I was younger, I never enjoyed doing things by myself. I was always the person who was surrounded by friends and entertainment.

In addition to that, I was always more quiet around new people. I always listened much more than I spoke (which is still true for the most part) and was talked over by many people in my life.

I hated being alone for the majority of my pre-teens until I was about 22 years old. That’s a really longtime to not be able to enjoy your own company, let alone to not even truly know yourself.

I remember actually having to force myself to do things alone, and it felt a little unfamiliar.Eventually, I grew to love it. More than love, I grew to crave it. I feel drained when I socialize too much and don’t have enough time for myself.

I think of myself as being an extroverted introvert. I am fully capable of being extroverted and communicating with people and socializing, but I also crave the days where you wander aimlessly just to explore on your own with no one else but yourself experiencing the moment.

I quickly learned that meeting people is no problem at all, in fact, I actually had to purposefully set time aside for myself because I had met so many fun, interesting people that I barely had any time otherwise!

These are a few sure fire ways to meet people traveling solo just like yourself…

Join A Walking Tour

Not only is this a great (and often free) way to get your bearings in a new city, but the nature of walking tours lends to easy conversation. Stopping for a group meal or drink also presents a great opportunity to socialize. 

Sign Up For An Organized Group Travel Tour

From day trips to multi-day adventures, small-group tours offer travel experiences that you aren’t able to access as an independent traveler, as well as an opportunity to form friendships — that can be lifelong — with the people you share the journey with. There are lots of highly affordable options, where you can choose your age group to travel with, well as your own custom tour of where you want to go.

Participate In A Few Touristy/Group Activities – Bar Crawls, Surfing, Yoga, Etc.

You may be able to find some fun group activities through social media, but also checkout what your hostel is hosting. A lot of times hostels will have sort of a community board or a big schedule where they arrange a day of surfing for everyone at the hostel, or a bar crawl throughout the town. It’s a really fun way to meet people and feel comfortable knowing that everyone will end up back at the same place.

Connect Online

There are now loads of apps designed to help travelers connect on the road. Tripr and Meetup help you meet people ahead of time who will be traveling to the same destinations. The Meetup community has almost 30 million members in 184 countries, so there’s a decent chance there will be an event of interest during your visit. EatWith allows you to attend a dinner party hosted by a local chef and can help you find and connect with other travelers willing to share advice, meet up or host you.

Stay In A Hostel

Look for hostels that have a cool shared space, as these can be great places to meet other travelers over a beer, while cooking meals or simply hanging out. Using apps and websites are great ways to find cheap hostels with photos and reviews!

Remember…magic happens outside of your comfort zone.