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Items Bringing Us Joy During Social Distancing Summer

It’s a strange time, isn’t it? Since many of us have been in quarantine and practicing social distancing, it’s truly the little joys that make this difficult time more manageable. From making sweets in the kitchen, to trying a new bottle of wine or cracking open a warm and nostalgic book… it’s the little, simple things that can turn any day into a sunnier one.

No matter what way you look at it, our lives as we know it have all completed changed from the wake of COVID-19. Today, we’re sharing some of our favorite items that are bringing us so much joy and happiness during quarantine.

Face Masks By Artisans

Buying a face mask seems all too normal nowadays. But why not invest in one that can help an artist through these tough times? We love these 100% cotton masks made by Project Runway Alum Jennifer Diederich. Made in NYC, these masks are playful, feature a pocket for a filter and a bendy nose piece to mold the mask to your face. Plus, Jennifer’s mask profits go towards more materials for donated masks!

Items Bringing Us Joy During Quarantine

Closet Additions That Support Black Businesses

Without a doubt, this unprecedented time has made us evaluate where we choose to spend and the power that lies in our wallets. We’re focusing on supporting black businesses in all avenues right now – apparel, accessories, restaurants and more. Making it a priority to support and increase the visibility of incredible black creators, designers and entrepreneurs is something we will be continuing to do in the months ahead. Nía Thomas’s eco-conscious apparel line has us swooning. Each piece is crafted intentionally with sustainability in mind. We’re obsessed with this handwoven cotton jute skirt, paired with this azul colored ceramic bra – the perfect pairing for hotter days ahead. And you can bet that on any given day we’ll be strutting our stuff with Nia’s lightweight silk and cotton palazzo pant with side slit and attached cross body bag in one! Each piece feels incredibly special and bolsters our confidence with their bold design.

Items Bringing Us Joy During Social Distancing Summer

Fun Bamboo Plates For Summer Picnics

With social distancing measures still in place this summer, we have one thing on our minds… outdoor picnics! Times spent outside in the beautiful warm weather is meant to be treasured – especially after a long quarantine. This set of light, bamboo plates have the most adorable terrazzo pattern and are the perfect size for salads, desserts or whatever you’re serving. We’ll be packing them up in our bags to meet up with our gal pals in the park as much as possible!

Items Bringing Us Joy During Social Distancing Summer

Boy Smells Candle

There’s nothing more special than a candle that makes you feel oh so calm and collected. Especially during a crazy situation as this! We’re obsessing over Boy Smells’ LES Scented Candle – inspired by NYC’s eclectic and cool Lower East Side. (We miss being able to explore your every nook and corner New York!) With scents of blackcurrant, peach blossom, pear and cedar – we’ll be lighting this candle to get a whiff of the outdoors when we can’t be outside in the springtime air!

Items Bringing Us Joy During Quarantine

Fashion That Gives Back

Our wishlists on our favorite online shopping stores are ever growing nowadays. But, we’re always happy to know our money is going towards something really important right now. We’re obsessed with Industry Standard’s special edition cotton NYC tee with our custom embroidery because 50% of all sales go to the NYC Fund for Public Health in their efforts fighting COVID-19. There is really nothing more special than knowing our money is going towards supporting public health organizations that have saved endless lives.

Items Bringing Us Joy During Quarantine

Plush Cotton and Bamboo Towels

It feels like the little things really help us through social distancing and being cooped up at home. For example, treating ourselves to a long, warm bath at the end of the day! No spa-like experience is complete without plush towels, right? That’s why these plush Egyptian cotton hand towels with bamboo rayon are our go-to in our bathroom! They’re absorbent as they come and are thick, plush and can handle any sort of self-care product that crosses its path! We love how thick and luxurious they feel!

La Colombe Cold Brew Coffee

What’s a girl to do without her daily run to the local coffeeshop? We’ve discovered that having the perfect, smooth blend of cold brew in the fridge fills that void! La Colombe’s Cold Brew Coffee is our absolute favorite coffee to have stocked up. Silky, strong and totally convenient… their cold brew chilled cans are fresh-roasted and double-filtered for the smoothest, cleanest sip. Quarantine mode won’t have us un-caffeinated – that’s for sure! PS we’re giving away coffee and Dame Traveler books to healthcare workers. Click here to nominate your healthcare heroes!

Items Bringing Us Joy During Quarantine

Olive & June’s Manicure Kit

Quarantine’s got nothing on our mani game with Olive & June’s adorable Everything Box! Inside is literally everything you could ever need for a killer manicure or pedicure at home. From six of their beautiful nail colors (that you can choose from!), their iconic universal polish bottle handle, cuticle cream, nail polish remover pot, brushes, clippers – this box will get any gal’s nails back in tip top shape. It’s the little things like this that make us happy right now!

Items Bringing Us Joy During Quarantine

Observation Journal

While in quarantine and practicing social distancing, we’ve all had to face unusual circumstances and difficult changes. For many of us, keeping in touch with our inner dialogue and the world around us is one way to practice self care and mental wellness. We couldn’t love Baronfig’s Observation Journal more for its open-ended prompts that encourage us to set aside time to be present, reflect and observe. Made in collaboration with artist Shantall Martin – this journal is filled with 375+ bite sized prompts that get us thinking, make us appreciative and really check in with ourselves and the world around us right now!

Items Bringing Us Joy During Quarantine

Blue Light Filtering Glasses

It seems like social distancing has made us more and more reliant on our screens, hasn’t it? Between Zoom conferences, FaceTime happy hours and scrolling social media – it’s time to protect our eyes from the strain that comes from blue light. Our eyes simply weren’t made to handle this amount of screen time! We’re always excited to grab our cute Felix Gray Blue Light Filtering glasses. They protect us from headaches, blurry vision, tired eyes and trouble sleeping and we love that the lenses are anti-reflective too!

Items Bringing Us Joy During Quarantine

Classic Tennis Sneakers

Whether you’re meeting up with friends for a social distance picnic outdoors or going on a daily solo walk around your neighborhood, slip on a pair of classic tennis sneakers to look effortlessly put together! Superga’s Cotu sneakers are chic for any sort of small excursion you have in mind. We love these Italian-made, beloved rubber-soled sneakers worn by Europeans everywhere. There’s a reason they’re called “the people’s shoe of Italy” – they’re easy to wear, sporty, comfortable and wear-resistant too! We may not be able to hop on a plane to Italy right now, but slipping these on make us reminiscent of our time there!

Webcam Cover

With the rise of people staying home to social distance, unfortunately comes with a rise of cyber security issues. Keep yourself safe by keeping your web cam discretely covered when you’re not Zooming with co-workers, friends and family.

Chic Loungeware

There’s nothing like slipping on a beautiful little something while lounging around at home. No offense to our favorite sweatpants, but it’s time for something a little more refined. This chic, ivory slip dress with scalloped edges has the perfect, relaxed fit. We’ll be popping it on while relaxing at home or dress it up with summery wedges and accessories for picnics and outdoor seating at restaurants!

The Dame Traveler Book

Covid-19 has completely disrupted the world as we know it across all industries – travel being one of the most impacted. As travelers, we certainly are going to miss adventure this summer while practicing social distancing. So, what’s a girl to do? Take part in armchair exploration! We’re very proud of our very first hardback cover book filled with the brave, courageous women in our community around the globe. Dame Traveler: Live The Spirit Of Adventure” celebrates the diversity and bravery of women from around the world who are not afraid to think (and live) outside the box. Inside you’ll find endless inspiration for trips around the world, inside tips, beautiful photographs and safety tips too!

Items Bringing Us Joy During Quarantine

Stay Cool with this Vintage Fan

As the summers get hotter and hotter, there’s nothing like a cool looking fan to keep you cool while social distancing indoors. We absolutely love this powerful and gorgeous, vintage inspired fan.

Self Care Products

We might not be out and about as much as we used to be before Covid-19, but that doesn’t mean that beauty and self-care isn’t a priority! We’re obsessed with Indulge Craft Kit by äz Craft Luxury Haircare products. Each are luxurious upgrades to the essential items we love using day in and day out. Between the shampoo, conditioner and the Remedy Restorative masque (our fave!) these hair products have our locks feeling nourished, strengthened and cared for.

Items Bringing Us Joy During Social Distancing Summer

Coconut Water Mist

Sulfate free and plant-based ingredients for less scalp irritation and a healthy moisture to get your hair through the humid days without having to use hair styling tools, reducing the heat exposure to your hair. Just spray this inexpensive and natural coconut water and go!

Small Yet Mighty Hair Dryer

Our favorite Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Light Pro Dryer has feeling light as a feather and ready to go (even if that means we’re just heading to the closest park this summer)! This ultra light hair dryer is faster, lighter and quicker than any other hair dryer we’ve ever used. Weighing in at less than one pound, it’s ergonomically designed and whisper soft – perfect for a packing once we’re at a safer place in the world too! We love that it features 12-heat and speed setting for all hair types and its ion technology for frizz-fair, shinier hair.

Items Bringing Us Joy During Social Distancing Summer

Improve Gum Health

I don’t know about you but I’ve been living and enjoying the slower pace of life lately and since I have more time, I decided to add another product to my routine. The PerioSciences AO Gel is an incredibly unique and useful tool that helps improve the appearance and health of your gums . It’s a natural product with essential oils and anti-oxidants but the best part? No harsh chemicals. It also comes in a Oral Care System!

Here’s hoping that these items bring joy to your quarantine and social distancing summer. We’re wishing you all health and happiness during this difficult time!

Advice Insider Tips

What Self Care Looks Like As A Traveler

As travelers, we abandon many things the average person might deem necessary. We live in suitcases, thrive on minimalism and disregard most luxuries that are too large, heavy or time-intensive. It’s just the nature of the beast, isn’t it? In living outside of the lines it can be challenging to find normalcy… but it’s something we all are willing to grapple with. But the dark reality of life on the road and on the go is that we often abandon what is most important – our inner needs and desires.

In the midst of long journeys, we must ask ourselves, are we listening to our selves? Are we feeding our emotional needs while overwhelmingly fulfilling our desires to do it all and see it all?

The biggest challenge we face as travelers is accepting that self care is a worthy and needed aspect of our lives. It’s not self indulgent – it’s necessary. It’s not silly – it’s needed. No traveler is superwoman. We need to prioritize our selves in order to see the world with fresh eyes, a curious heart and two ready feet. Once we realize this, we’ll become more centered and ready for the world at large.

This is what self care looks like as a traveler.

Going Offline

The hustle to document is one fed by social media and the desire to share. No matter if you are a influencer professionally or an avid Instagram user, deciding to practice self care by going offline is an important step. Removing ourselves from our screens gives us time to truly soak in the world unfolding around us. It gives us appreciation without the need to document (and in turn, disassociate with what is going on around us).

For those who find this concept daunting, take small steps. Put your phone on airplane mode for an afternoon. You’ll find that when you do actively seek to reconnect with the online world, your presence was not missed as sorely as you might have thought. For those seeking more, choosing a disconnected weekend away or even an offline retreat will give you the piece of mind from the online world we all desperately need.

Stop The Travel-Talk

So often, our dinner conversations center around “what’s next,” reviewing itineraries, discussions options or reliving the day’s highs and lows. It’s hard to not become dizzy in the world of travel-talk. It’s a buzzy feeling that pushes us to do more, more, more.

Adopting a healthy amount of conversation centered around travel is a great way to find solace and seek self care while on the road. It doesn’t take much. Making the decision to keep travel-talk off limits over one meal a day will open up so many other life-giving topics of conversation.

Feeding Your Introvert/Extrovert Nature

The cliche idea of self care looks like this – bubble baths, candles, blankets, face masks, movies on the couch. The notion of finding cozy, happy feelings from things can be straining on a traveler. After all, no carryon suitcase can fit all of the above! That’s why self care as a traveler centers more around practices and exercises than things.

For the introvert, feeding your inner need for quiet time alone is a crucial element to self care. Stay in for the night, watch television in your room or write and read.

For the extrovert, indulging in your quest for connection and energy from others is critical. Join in on a coffeehouse show or book reading, look into meet ups focused on what you are passionate about.

Abandoning The Camera

Quite similar to going offline, abandoning our cameras gives us the time to see – truly see – the world around us. Feeding into the notion that there is nothing for you to do but soak in your settings will feed your own senses. Tap into yourself. What do you see, smell, feel? How are your emotions today? These questions will allow you to meditate in your moments and truly find presence.

Buy A Piece Of Home

Be it a book you’ve loved, a familiar bite to eat or a ticket to a movie theater – find something that makes you feel a cozy connection to home. Self care comes from taking active steps to reconnect with ourselves and feed our inner needs. Ask yourself what you miss most along your travels, and see if you can’t find a piece of it on the road.

What self care looks like as a traveler is different than what is expected, but it’s an important practice to put into motion regularly and often while on the road. Prioritize and love yourself, Dame Travelers. 

What do you do to practice self care while on the road?

Advice Solo Travel

Can Solo Travel Help When You’re Stuck In A Rut?

Our life goes in phases. There are chapters filled with professional growth and personal triumph, and then there are those that feel like an absolute standstill. So, when you do find yourselves in the throws of confusion, unknowing, lost ebbs and flows of life… what’s a girl to do? We believe that solo travel help when you’re stuck in a rut, and here’s why!

Renewed Creativity

Creative ruts can feel like the biggest hurdle to jump, especially for those of that assign our personal identity and professional meaning to it. Without a doubt, a solo trip can be one amazing solution to this struggle because it is when we experience new lifestyles and gain insight on history and culture that our minds open to the grand possibility of this world. Seeing new colors, textures, historic scenes, flavors and art gives us new inspiration to pull from. Not to mention, time away from the hustle of creation can bring about time to ask ourselves the deeper questions about what we make.

Self-Care and Balance

In the swing of our daily routines, we can really disassociate from ourselves. Not being in touch with our inner dialogue, our desires, our dreams and our likes and dislikes can exacerbate our “rut” even further. While traveling solo, we are given the quiet time to ask ourselves the deeper, harder questions and gives us the necessary time to do exactly what we desire (and not for others!).

Think about it – when was the last time you spent an afternoon doing exactly what you wanted to do? Without errands, to-do lists and hours spent doing things for others? In a lot of ways, solo travel gives us the chance to practice self care in new, important ways. And as we all know, becoming more clearheaded  alleviates our inner struggles and ruts.

A Reminder Of Life’s Infinite Charm

Traveling can make any place feel like a fantasy world, but that can be a wonderful thing. Getting us to remember just how beautiful this world is during darker moments is incredibly important. Solo travel can remind travelers just how incredibly beautiful and life-giving our abundant world is. Finding ourselves swept away by the delicious colors and unending charming details of the world, appreciating the small things just as much as the big ones can bring about great realizations and clarity.

Break Free From Mental Traps

Being in the hum-drum of our everyday lives can create some serious mental “traps” to fall into. With no fresh ideas, places or renewed interest or curiosity in the world, it’s easy to find ourselves overthinking every detail of what’s got us caught up. It’s easy to forget how much of a microcosm we all are in. And that’s why breaking free into a whole new world of people, ideologies and daily rituals can be such a relief. So, break free from the mental chains you find yourself in – book that trip.

Goodbye Daily Grind

As mentioned above, daily grinds can be really a downer. Feeling stuck like a wheel in a cog is honestly the worst feelings in the world. Saying goodbye to your ritualized routines brings about so many new thoughts and new methodologies.

New Perspectives – Abandon Your “Echo Chamber”

Leaving behind the friends and family who have similar perspectives, ideologies and think too similarly gives us the opportunity to hear from people unlike ourselves. Escape your microcosm of friends and family! Seek new perspectives from people around the world and you’ll find that there’s no reason to feel inadequate, insufficient or uninspired.

Rebound – Vacations, Not Boyfriends

Believe it or not, a trip around the world can seriously re-train our mindsets on what we look for in a great partner. Getting in touch with ourselves, having “quiet time” to think about the hard stuff – all of these wonderful moments equate to a deeper connection with ourselves, and can, in turn allow us to rebound back from a recent setback.

Remember: Travel Is The One Expense That Will Give Back To You Endlessly

A new dress can be torn, a fancy car will eventually break down – but travel – travel creates memories that will last you forever.

We believe in the incredible experiences travel can bring to women who seek it out. Have you ever found yourself more enlightened and clearheaded after an amazing trip? We’d love to hear about it!