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    Introverts Abroad

    Our world is becoming increasingly extroverted. We are always chatting, texting, calling, Snapchatting, Tweeting, or emailing people about our lives. And for introverts, it can be tiring. Introverts are people who need time away from others in order to recharge, whereas extroverts gain their energy from social events. Classic introverts tend be more reticent, work independently, and have a smaller, but closer, group of friends. It seems daunting to be an introvert who has the dream to travel intrepidly. There…

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    6 Important Travel Tips for Introverts

    Traveling abroad can be a thrilling, life-changing experience, providing you the opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures and unforgettable locations. But for those of us who consider ourselves introverts, traveling abroad can also…