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A Weekend Guide To Nuremberg

Ahh, Bavaria. The southern region of Germany is very visually and culturally different than what you’ll find in Berlin. Bratwursts, old beer halls and streets lined with half-timbered houses abound. The region’s charm is unmatched — and Nuremberg is the perfect place to get a taste of it. Read on for Dame Traveler Contributor Meredith of The Glass Passage’s tips for the perfect long weekend in the city!

Market Square by night — home of the world famous Christmas Market every December!


Located just inside the walls of the old city and a stone’s throw from the main train station, you’ll find historic Hotel Victoria. The boutique hotel has been privately owned since its opening in 1896 — so you could say they know a thing or two about how to create a lovely and inviting environment that keeps guests coming back time and again!

The rooms are comfortable and modern, yet the building itself is under monumental protection from the city, so it’s a wonderful blend of old and new. My favorite part, however, was every morning at the amazing breakfast buffet. It was definitely an ideal start for a long day of exploring!


No visit to Nuremberg is complete without trying some traditional Franconian (which is the exact region where the city sits within Bavaria) food. Nuremberg is famous for it’s Bratwurst and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! The best place to try it (along with the BEST potato salad and sauerkraut I’ve ever had) is at Bratwursthäusle, which has been making its sausages in their in-house butcher’s shop in the back of the restaurant for ages. The restaurant sits right in front of St. Sebauldus church, just off the Main Market square and is so charming and authentically Franconian in its decor.

Bratwursthäusle & St. Sebauldus Church

We shared a table with a lovely German couple visiting their great uncle, who told us stories (in German, which the couple graciously translated to English) of his experiences before and during the war, all in between swigs of local beer and schnapps shots!


Unlike other European destinations, Nuremberg’s high season comes in December with the arrival of the world famous Christkindlesmarkt (or Christmas Market). The Main Market Square is filled with stalls selling smoked meats, mulled wine and fresh gingerbread, all happening in front of the stunning Church of Our Lady. However, even in November it was still beautiful with a local market selling fresh gingerbread, flowers and other kinds of street food.

For some good cafes and coffee shops (AND photo ops 😉 ) head over to Weißgerbergasse (Tanner’s Lane) for the largest grouping of traditionally Bavarian half-timbered houses.

Walk up past the Old Town Hall and pop into St. Sebaldus Church (which is gorgeous and packed with so much free historical information!) on your way up to the Kaiserburg, or Imperial Castle. The Imperial Castle sits high overlooking the city and was one of the most important fortified imperial palaces of the Holy Roman Empire. It also has a museum inside the castle that is worth a visit.

The view from the Imperial Castle

Nearby, you can visit the house (and now museum) of famed German artist Albrecht Dürer which is still in tact from when it was constructed in 1420! Other sights for history buffs include the Nuremberg Trials Memorial and the Documentation Center for the Nazi Party Rally Grounds.

Exploring the Old Town area

 …when in Germany 😉


If you have more than 2 days in Nuremberg, I highly recommend taking a short 1 hr train and visiting Rothenburg ob der Tauber — one of the most well-preserved medieval villages and truly something straight out of a story book. Its small size allows for it to be easily explored in a day, and it is really, just, I mean, well…I’ll just let my photos do the talking here 😉

Climb one of the towers of the old city walls for an incredible view!

The city walls envelop the entire Old Town and it takes about an hour to walk around the entire perimeter.

There are tons of little shops with all kinds of German treats!

Plönlein (the little yellow house) — one of the most famous views of the town!

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5 Things to Do in Rothenburg, Germany

When it comes to Germany, there is so much more than the major cities we all love. My road trip across germany was all about exploring the unknown and finding new places for people to put on their bucket list. Traveling has always been about the fantasy for me. It’s about finding the places people dream about when watching Disney films.

My favorite city in Germany is Rothenburg Ob der Tauber. It’s located about halfway between Frankfurt and Munich on a romantic road in Barvaria. Rothenburg is famous for its well preserved medieval architecture and its untouched town wall that surrounds the entire city. What brings this magical city to life, is its colorful cottages, cobblestone streets and cute cafes. Around every corner is a new sight or alley to explore, so follow the cobblestone road and find out why everyone who visits Rothenburg falls in love!

Rothenburg is filled with camera capturing corners so whether you’re just stopping by or staying overnight, be sure to check out my favorite things to do while visiting this enchanting city.

1.) Market Square and Town hall (Marktplatz)
This is the heart of the town and the perfect place to start when entering the city walls. Rothenburg’s Town Hall Tower (Rathaus) was built in the 13th century and is still used for theatrical performances and concerts. If you love a good birds eye view, you can take the 241 steps to get to the top of the tower for some of the best views over old town.

Insider Tip: 2 Euro Admission and totally worth it


2.) The little Square Plonlein

This charming intersection, is without a doubt, one of the most photographed spots in Rothenburg. Plonlein was the inspiration for the village in the 1940s Walt Disney Movie, Pinocchino. It has also been seen in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. As soon as I found this out, I knew I had to come here and see it with my own eyes and capture a picture of my very own.

Insider Tip: arrive early morning or late afternoon to avoid photobombers

3.) Rothenburg Sweets

Rothenburg’s alleyways are filled with bakeries, pastry shops and cafes with everything from German chocolates and Kaffe (coffee) to a Rothenburg favorite, Schneeball. This fried ball of pastry dough is coated with powered sugar or dipped in chocolate fondue. The pastry is a signature dish of the town and a must try when getting into the Rothenburg spirit!

4.) Night Watchmans Tour

I’m rarely one do to a city tour, but I heard so many people rave about this and I had to give it a try. This 1 hour walking tour gathers in the main square at 8pm to follow the watchman on his walk of the city. The watchman gives lots of historical information about Rothenburg during the middle ages, while keeping it fun and filled with his good sense of humor.

Insider Tip: Euros and you pay at the end

5.) Dine at an 1100 year old Restaurant

Zur Holle is the oldest restaurant in Rothenburg dating back to the 900’s. If you’re looking for authentic Barvarian cuisine in a lovely quaint medieval atmosphere, put Zur Holle on your list. It’s more than a meal, it’s an experience.

I wish you the perfect trip to Rothenburg Ob der Tauber. Feel free to share your own travel stories or tips on navigating this amazing town!