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Items Bringing Us Joy During Social Distancing: Autumn Edition

As we continued to navigate this “new normal” way of life, we’re making the most of the little things that bring joy and we’d love to share those with you as we continue on into the fall season. We do feel that it’s important to continue to stay safe and to find adventures and things to fuel the traveler’s soul within our own hometowns, cities and destinations nearby that don’t require a lot of travel. Now, more than ever it is important to work together during this pandemic so we can all move forward to a brighter future. I’ve been using this time I have in New York City to become more in touch spiritually, in search of healing,  helping others, making my home cozy and treating myself to the little things I’ll be sharing in the post below. I hope they bring you joy too!

Calhoun & Co. Butterfly And Moth Woven Throw Blanket

My mom always used to call me butterfly because she said I’m fragile yet resilient and although I’m always flying away, I eventually come back so it’s no wonder my heart exploded when I found this blanket! Brooklyn based Calhoun & Co. is a gift and home decor line with a mission to bring joy and they do it well. Their inspiration comes from community, friendly faces, interesting places, and spending Saturday morning cozied up with a cup of coffee and their dog, Slug!

Simplify Your Cookware with Just One Magical Do-It All Pan

We don’t know about you but ever since the world went into lock down, cooking has kind of been our new thing and the experience has been enhanced by the brilliant Always Pan by Our Place. Living in New York City comes with its challenges- like not having enough cabinet space but the Always Pan is designed to replace EIGHT traditional pieces of cookware! It acts as fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. It’s also GORGEOUS. Our Place also offers stylish and really well made dinnerware and glassware.

We also greatly admire the founder, Shiza Shahid who is also the co-founder of the Malala Fund.

Relax with Hemp CBD

We all know 2020 has not been easy for majority of us. heck, we wouldn’t even be sitting here writing this post right now if it weren’t for all of the drastic changes happening in the world! We would probably be relaxing on a beach in Greece but here we are in our home city of New York, anxiously waiting for better days. One way I’ve been able to stay as relaxed and chill as I can be is by taking KindUrth™ Organic Hemp CBD gummies. They have been a lifesaver! I’e tried many other brands but they just didn’t do it for me until I tried KindUrth™.  Organically grown in the USA  and are non-gmo, vegan, gluten free and 3rd Party Lab tested for purity and quality. My favorites are the 1500 mg Premium CBD Gummies (THC Free).

Cozy Jacket by Heartloom

For those quick runs to the grocery store or outdoor dining with friends, we love the super cool Patrice Jacket by Heartloom.

Olive & June The Nailfie Ready Box

We are huge fans of Olive & June, based  and now even more so with these gorgeous fall colors! The box includes an 8-piece mani system of tools and products to help you achieve the prettiest mani from home.  It doesn’t hurt that their branding and packaging are absolutely brilliant, fully quipped with even a holder to prop your phone so you can have FT manis with friends!

Silk Masks by Claire & Clara

Being in New York City during the entire lockdown and witnessing everything we did during those few months has made us huge advocates of wearing masks as evidenced by the way New Yorkers truly flatted the curve and it has stayed that way because majority of us wear masks. With that being said, finding fashionable masks with filters has become a fun hunt! We discovered these gorgeous satin masks by Claire & Clara and were so excite to see that they also include a PM2.5 Filter. *Disclaimer via website: – This is NOT a medical device. This product should NOT be used as a replacement for conventional and approved Personal Protective Equipment (surgical or N-95 masks). The product has not been industry-tested nor has it been NIOSH approved.*

Fresh Work Out Gear by Outdoor Voices to Get You Motivated to Stay Active

I just recently discovered Outdoor Voices for new workout gear and I am in love! I pretty much live in the TechSweat 7/8 Leggings. They’re incredibly comfortable and I love switching it up from the usual Black with their gorgeous Evergreen color. I pair it with the TechSweat Cami Tank Top which has a built-in shelf bra, removable pads, and adjustable straps.

Stay Safe, Sanitized and Give Back with Clean Beauty VIVI Naturals

We’re loving the VIVI Naturals hand sanitizer that comes in a gel or spray form with a blend of Vitamin E, Peppermint Oil, Aloe Vera, Lavender and Ethyl Alochol. All of their products are Vegan and natural: Sulfate, Paraben, Silicon and Phthalate free and are created using clean, feel-good ingredients and packaged using recycled glass, paper and materials that meet the highest environmental standards. I also love their mission of giving back by partnering with Hunger in America & the internationally recognized World Vision Organization.

Get Inspired for Future Trips with Dame Traveler: Live the Spirit of Adventure Coffee Table Book!

Our dream is that the Dame Traveler book transports you to every corner of our beautiful planet. We hope you sift through each page and imagine yourself there, soaking in cultural experiences, scaling mountaintops, learning from locals, discovering new, untouched European towns or road tripping through America.

Even if your travel plans have halted, the world is still your oyster. And we hope each and every page keeps that fire to adventure glowing until the right time comes to hop on that plane. Available at @westelmdumbo, @westelmbroadway, @strandbookstore@mcnallyjackson @rizzolibookstore in nyc and @barnesandnoble @target @blackwellbooks @powellsbooks and more.

Get Cozy at Home with Custom Designs by Sasha Hayatt Designs

We have been living in these gorgeous lounge wear pieces, custom made by Dame Traveler, Sasha Yakoub herself! She’s constantly updating her website and Instagram with new designs so be sure to follow along to stock up on all of the cute coziness for this fall season!



Our Cozy Spotify Playlist Perfect For Fall Adventures

A cup of coffee. Fall leaves changing. The brisk cool air of autumn. Yep, we’re ready and excited for fall. Whether you’re an East Coast American fully embracing “sweater weather,” or savoring the slower seasons ahead around the world – we’re excited to share another seasonal Spotify playlist.

As travelers, we’re constantly preparing a million things before we jet off to the next adventure. Packing, planning, etc. is a lot to handle! And that’s why we want to add an easy, comforting touch to your explorations.

If you didn’t know, we love curating songs based on destinations, cultural experiences and travel vibes/moods. There’s something so incredible about having the perfect soundtrack. Music is powerful. It can transform the mundane into something epic. It can transform your outlook and mood within minutes. So, don’t overlook it!

Today, we’re spotlighting our Cozy In Copenhagen Spotify playlist. Filled with slower, acoustic numbers – this list of songs goes great with a warm cup of coffee and a drizzle of rain. You’ll find songs of happiness and contentment mixed with soothing guitar and piano pieces that are sure to get you in the perfect mindset for fall. Get your cozy sweater on and embrace the season, Dame Travelers. This playlist is perfect for the impending fall weather ahead.

Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any of our new playlists! And be sure to check out our other monthly Spotify playlists we’ve shared on the blog too.

What vibe/destination would you like next on our Spotify channel? Airport vibes? Solo-independent empowerment songs? Spanish/Flamenco inspired jams? We’d love to know!

Asia Insider Tips

The Four Distinct Seasons of Japan

I’ve been connected to Japan for almost all my life, and I have been living in this wonderful country for over 5 years. My daily adventures can be found on Instagram, but this time I would like to show you about 4 distinct seasons that are very unique in Japan. I hope my little stories will inspire you to plan your next trip to this beautiful country!

Did you know that winter is the best time to enjoy mount Fuji? The most famous pictures of this symbol of Japan as well as its world heritage are taken during this season! While most of the snow happens around the northern part of the Japanese archipelago, the rest of the mainland has an average temperature of 1-5°C with a clear and crisp weather for pleasant walking. Although many travelers prefer to visit the country during spring or autumn, winter has its own share of unforgettable activities and sights. Just don’t forget to soak in traditional Japanese hot springs (onsen) along your way! For example, one with a view of the majestic mount Fuji!

Although for most people in the world Japanese spring is a synonym to sakura, this season is so much more than just cherry blossom. Once white and pink petals from sakura trees gently floated to the ground, a season of various flower festivals will definitely catch your attention! Have you ever heard about shibazakura (“cherry lawn”)? Moss pink is a flower that grows close to the ground in bright colors of magenta, pink and white. The season for shibazakura starts from late April and lasts till middle of May taking place in a variety of locations such as Saitama or Yamanashi prefectures. If you didn’t have time to catch sakura blossom floating from above, why not catching it from the ground?

Summer in Japan is unlike summer in any other places in the world: it’s humid, it’s suffocating and it’s terribly hot. Although it might be difficult to cope with such conditions once in a while, summer nevertheless gives you a lot of opportunities for fun like fireworks, festivals, and, of course, travelling. What stop you from escaping typical boiling jungle of Japanese cities, and go, let’s say, into past? Located in the northeast of Chiba prefecture about 70 kilometers away from Tokyo (and 27 kilometers away from Narita International airport), Sawara town managed to preserve a touch of the old era with its streets remain as much as they were 200 years ago. Traditional residences, warehouses and merchant shops once flourished as a viable commercial center provide a terrific sense of nostalgia about the past.

We’ve finally made it to autumn, my favourite season of all. In Japan, colorful leaves are of the same importance as cherry blossoms in spring. Viewing of autumn leaves has been a popular activity in this country for centuries and continues nowadays. Starting from the middle of September, colors slowly changing from the northern island of Hokkaido and reach the lower elevations of central and southern Japan towards the end of November. Some trees around Tokyo and Kyoto remain colorful during December. In Japan, autumn brings a color to some strange plants as well. For example, these kochia leaves turn from green to bright red around the beginning of October creating a terrific scene of burning bushes. Just one of many more exciting views from a beautiful country of Japan!

Follow more of Katerina’s adventures here: