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Snoqualmie Falls, Washington: A First Timer’s Guide

If you are visiting the Pacific Northwest, this is one destination a girl can’t miss! These world famous waterfalls are located 30 minutes from Seattle. The falls are some of the most stunning to be found in the United States. Hydroelectric power is also naturally generated from here for much of the surrounding areas.

The waterfall is visited by 1.5 million people a year. This 268 foot wonder dumps into the Snoqualmie River and is a sacred ground for Native American culture. The viewing platform boasts 180 degree views of the waterfall.

A brilliant rainbow was showing off its layers of color the day I stopped in. It doesn’t get any better than that!  The huge spray of mist made for beautiful imagery, but hey I wasn’t counting on a second shower , I got soaked.


The Salish Lodge is a luxury mountain hotel/spa with Northwest style and charm. Sitting at the top of the falls, it features an amazing dining room with stunning views. This is the perfect spot for a girl’s weekend, a romantic getaway or some restful family time.


The Salish Lodge Dining Room is known for the huge country style breakfasts it serves.  I was there in the early a.m., and did not have time to stay. I walked inside and took a quick look around.  Just wow! You can feast on the views along with the delicious food!


There are 2 decks for viewing the falls: an upper and lower deck. In addition, there is a 2 acre park and lots of trails for hiking. There are no fees at all for entering the park or falls. Plenty of parking is also available for free. Once you’re done outside, you can check out the gift shop.

A few miles up the road heading east to the mountains, is Snoqualmie Pass. The views here are breathtaking. There was still some snow left on the slopes and the surrounding peaks. This of course, is a very popular ski destination for the Northwest. 

Visiting the falls and the pass in the same day is certainly doable. In my opinion, the best time to visit both of these places is spring.  You won’t freeze too much at the falls, and the pass will still have a bit of snow to capture great photos.


Even if you’ve never visited the PNW, you’ve probably heard it rains cats and dogs.  It’s pretty much the truth!  It’s best to come prepared, unlike I did – in my summer dress and light jacket. We do have beautiful summers with sunny days, but it can change real fast.

When visiting the falls, make sure you wear a raincoat. I would suggest dressing warm. Even in the summer, wooded areas away from the city can be quite cool. A cute pair of jeans, a hoodie and knee high boots will fit perfectly with the surroundings. I know what I’ll be wearing next time around.

In addition, do make sure your camera equipment is protected. The upper deck viewpoint was completely soaked.

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