Safety Tips To Consider When Prepping For Your Next Trip

If you’re a woman planning to travel alone, we’ve got your back. Here at Dame Traveler, we believe that women should be nothing but encouraged to explore the world. However, the unfortunate circumstance of our world requires us women to keep our safety and security in mind, more than our male counterparts (p.s. you can check out our post on how men can be better allies to female travelers). We get it, traveling to new and foreign lands can be exciting… but it can also be quite anxiety-provoking too. You may be worried about your safety even before you take off for your next trip! And that’s why we’re focusing on some simple safety tips to consider when prepping for next trip.

Thoroughly Research Your Destination & Lodgings

One of the most important things you can do before you travel is to thoroughly research your destination. Try to find out what some of the local areas are like. Is there a hospital or a medical centre nearby? What is the crime rate of the neighborhood your hotel is located in? Are there any warnings from the US about the country you are traveling to? What about typical tourist traps or tricks to keep your eye out for?

Whether you’re planning to stay in a hotel, hostel or villa, take a look online and read the reviews other people have left. Be sure to validate if they are true comments and reviews too! Some hotels can be really dicey! If there are any comments that relate to the safety of guests, you may want to consider staying somewhere else.

Look Into Local Customs & Dress Appropriately

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe is to abide by customs, including the style of dress worn by locals. Try to avoid looking too much like a tourist, as it could attract the attention of thieves. Do a bit of research and try to determine how the locals dress. Chances are you’ll be able to spot tourists from a mile away! When in doubt, try to dress a little more formally and conservatively if you’re unsure.

If you’re planning to book an all-inclusive cruise holiday you won’t need to worry about blending in. However, if you’re off on dry land then you may need to rethink your attire.

Consider How You’re Going To Get Around

How are you going to travel around your chosen destination? Do you plan to walk everywhere or are you going to jump in a hire car or taxi? You may want to consider using public transportation but is it reliable? Can you jump on a bus late at night or do you have to rely on the trains?

Planning how you’re going to get around can help you be fully prepared. It will also ensure that you’re less likely to be stranded in the middle of nowhere late at night. Confidence comes from preparation… so do your due diligence!

Keep Your Important Documents Safe

Make sure you leave your documents somewhere secure while you’re on holiday. Keep them locked away in a safe if you can.

You may also want to consider making photocopies of your documents, keeping them in a separate bag away from the real copies. Don’t be afraid to make digital copies too and store them on the cloud. You may need access to them if you lose your documents.

Thoroughly researching your destination, customary dress and how you’ll get around can help to keep you safe. Make sure you keep your important documents such as your passport and visas safe at all times. You can keep yourself a little safer if you use the above tips. Just be sensible, trust your instincts and you could find you have a wonderful time away.

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