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Nine Most Magical Places in Morocco

Nine Most Magical Places in Morocco

*COVD-19 EDIT* This post is for future travel planning. Please stay home for now* I feel as if I’m doing Morocco an injustice by simply naming nine places when in reality, the entire country is magical.

After nine years of perpetual travels, it’s still one of my favorite countries in the world (and I don’t say that lightly).

While you’ll find some of the loveliest people, the tastiest foods, and the richest of cultures during your visit to Morocco, you will also, most certainly, see some of the most magical places you’ve ever seen.

So whatever you’re planning for your Morocco itinerary, I hope some of these spots  (famous and not so famous) help you plan a bit better!


Nine Most Magical Places in MoroccoIf you’re not familiar with this little gem of a town and have never heard of this spot, I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s awesome!

This slow and secluded surf town is really nothing more but a chunk of buildings set on the coast with a single dusty road that runs through. If you’re wondering why anyone would want to visit, just ask anyone who surfs—it’s perfect.

The coast has some (usually) clean lines to ride and the chilled out vibes reverberate throughout the town. After five weeks, I left kicking and screaming because I wanted to stay.

And if you’re looking for a cool town for a surf camp, Taghazout is a great spot to learn!


Nine Most Magical Places in MoroccoThis coastal town in Morocco deserves more than a day trip from Marrakech,if you can afford the time. The Medina is a happening place, but certainly moves to the rhythm that many beach towns do, slowly, but the wind here comes in fast (so watch out if you’re wearing a flowy dress).

Essaouira is hugged by a whitewashed wall that has perpetual waves crashing against it. The coast from the main square is rugged and is an excellent place to sit, think, and people watch. The Skala du Port, an old fortified tower, is a perfect place to get some views over the Medina as well as bask in the glory of walking on a Game of Thrones set.

Goats in Trees

Quite possibly the cutest and most bizarre thing you’ll see while in Morocco (or ever?) Yes, the goats climb trees here and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of their mad balancing skills. How a cute and clumsy little goat can balance themselves on practically a twig is beyond me.

While finding them can be a bit tricky, you definitely want to make sure you’re visiting them ethically. If a tour bus is stopping at a very obvious place or if you see a leash on them, you can bet this is a nonethical viewing.

The best way to see these tree-climbing goats is when you’re cruising past them on a road trip, as we did. We saw a farmer in Tamri with his goats munching away at the nuts in the trees. It was a random and spontaneous sighting. He had no leashes and there wasn’t a tour bus in sight.


Nine Most Magical Places in Morocco Yes, it’s true! That famous pretty blue town in the north of Morocco is as charming and awesome as you hoped. Whitewashed and azure-colored abodes sprinkle the foothills of the Rif Mountains making quite the spectacle when you take it all in from the Mosque on the hill.

Of course, there’s also the famous street that everyone has to get a photo at too but this town is much more than that. Make sure to walk the Medina, take a few hikes, and wander the markets too.

Sahara Desert

Nine Most Magical Places in MoroccoYou can’t come to Morocco and leave without visiting the Sahara Desert. If you’re really low on time and you’re hanging out in Marrakech, then most people pop over to the popular Merzouga, which holds the incredible sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. This is the easiest access point with the smallest detour from the main cities.

While I’m sure this area is nice, I went for something a bit more off-grid, so if you’re interested and have a bit more time, head south to the town of Mhamid and use this as your entrance for your Morocco desert tour. The sand dunes are wilder, it takes longer to reach them, and the crowds are almost nonexistent—And the experience? Breathtaking!


Nine Most Magical Places in MoroccoThis is for all the movie buffs out there. Ouarzazate is like Morocco’s little Hollywood. Hundreds of films are produced here and there are movie sets scattered around the town. Most notably are CLA Studios and Atlas Studios. At CLA Studios, there’s a movie set in the very back (you have to drive back there) that GOT, and many others, were filmed at and you can climb and wander around. When I visited, my boyfriend and I were the only ones here!

Ait Benhaddou is the most popular thing to do in Ouarzazate, but if you want to avoid the crowds, Kasbah Telouet just a bit north of town is a gorgeous spot that not many people frequent.


Nine Most Magical Places in MoroccoCome here for some trekking in the High Atlas Mountains! Imlil is perfect for it and it’s the thing to do here. There are multi-day treks and simple day walks around the valleys. A few small waterfalls, and overall a very cool small town mountain vibe is what you’ll find here.

Tin Mel

Nine Most Magical Places in MoroccoThis is an off-grid stop is only for those who are really adventuring Morocco and have their own car. If you stumble on the abandoned mosque, consider yourself lucky, not many get to. It’s absolutely gorgeous and a photographer’s dream.

Note to those who are pretty serious with their camera and are going for a photoshoot —there is a guard here and he doesn’t allow you to go “full on” with your cameras. You’ll have to keep everything low-key,


Nine Most Magical Places in MoroccoFor a unique Moroccan beach town, Legzira is the perfect stop. It’s really nothing more than a few restaurants, surf shops, and hotels grouped together on a blip of the Moroccan coastline, but the beach is fabulous. It holds an incredible rock archway that stretches over the sandy shore and into the water. There actually used to be two arches, but one succumbed to Mother Nature and crashed down a few years back.

There are certainly more than nine magical places in Morocco, but these were some of my favorite. Many people flock to Marrakech and while it’s a gorgeous city, Morocco has a LOT more to offer.

Nine Most Magical Places in Morocco

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