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Missing Paris? Listen To Our “Lost In Paris” Playlist

Missing Paris? Listen To Our "Lost In Paris" Playlist

Music has the amazing ability to transport us to intimate memories, time periods of yore, and familiar and distant places. It might be, perhaps, the most intimate art form. For a Dame Traveler craving an adventure and not quite able to up and go… music can give us wings. Let’s transport to anywhere in the world, just by putting on our headphones, ladies. We’ve been thinking a lot about making resources that are meaningful and unique for you. And with that, we’re loving the idea of making occasional playlists to inspire wanderlust. First up, our Lost in Paris Playlist. Perfect for a gal missing the city of light.

Filled nostalgic French songs that will beckon you to the Belle Époque and the swing 1920s and dreamy classical pieces written in the languid, romantic style of the culture, we’re loving listening our Paris Playlist on dreary days. Buff up on your French, or don’t bother at all! Hearing the beautiful language mixed with lush instrumental backgrounds is a dream. One of our favorite things to do in Paris is to get lost walking around the city with a croissant in hand while listening to this list.

Don’t forget that you can download the playlist on the Spotify app and have it ready anytime (even if you don’t have wifi)! Just click the download toggle and Paris awaits you anytime and anywhere you go. Enjoy!

Lost In Paris Playlist

Enjoy the beautiful music of France’s capital city. One that has captured the minds, hearts and memories of millions. It’s no wonder we find ourselves missing dear Paris. It’s our hope that our Lost In Paris Playlist sets your desire to visit the City Of Light into a tizzy… but also gives you a sense that you can experience a slice of it no matter where you are.

What other playlists would you like for us to make? Comment below.
We’re having so much fun making these! 

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