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Life of Love Photo Diary ~ European Dreams

I created Life of Love Photography in 2012 while living abroad in Italy. As I explored new places and captured my travel memories I started noticing something magical with a camera in hand, that love is everywhere and when you look for grace, you find it. The notion that visual poetry can be found in everyday life no matter the circumstance became my mantra, a guide in my everyday life and in my art. I look for love within people, between people and in the world. Travel was both my inspiration and my teacher, to search beyond myself for the awe of this we call Life. I am but one of many dreamers who capture it.

Blessings and love always,
Kimberly May up in a 1940’s mansion with fresh brioches, handpicked fruit and espresso is a morning I want to relive over and over//Bologna, Italy mist-swept morning where I stroll lost in the Garden of Palazzo Pfanner //Lucca, Italy. guide to my imagination. Palazzo Giusti//Verona, Italy

lifeoflovephoto-4There are no limits to travel except the ones you place on yourself. If you desire, it will be. What you focus on will grow. Turn cants into cans and dreams into action. The world is a better place because you’ve explored, learned and in turn are happy // Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy you hear the laughter, awe and music from the crowds in this Roman amphitheatre constructed in 27 BC? // Pula Arena, Croatia farmer’s market// Sacile, Italy

lifeoflovephoto-2My children will see the world, because it is only from travel that we learn about ourselves so deeply. Munich Central Park//Munich, Germany quiet streets of Rovinj, Croatia. Where do people go when the sun is shining and the world is quiet? meets sky meets water. The only place on earth I’ve been where the heavens are reflected back so clearly// Lake Barcis, Italy envisioned sailing away on this boat, not looking back. Freedom of travel, over and over again. // Rovinj Marina, Croatia

lifeoflovephoto-5This is the guide that leads to truth. Love and travel make you a better person because of the gift of self-reflection that manifests. // Italy




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