Inner Peace & Reflection at the Tin Hau Temple in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

“Be content with what you have
Rejoice in the way things are.
When you realise there is nothing lacking,
The whole world belongs to you”
-Lao Tzu

Located on this southern beach front of the concrete metropolitan sits a massive yet surprisingly quaint sanctuary that resonates with a serene and indescribable energy.

The  vibrant colors of this Taoist “Tin Hau Temple” is home to the famous Quan Yin Shrine, symbolic of mercy, compassion, love and devotion. Worshippers and curious-goers alike frequent this place of mystical Chinese Legends; some passing by for leisure, others for prayers and hopeful answers that may bring some peace of mind.

Having struggled internally most of my life; battling endlessly with my inner demons to no avail and falling into an all-time low, I found myself stumbling aimlessly towards this place of worship one day. Maybe subconciously I was searching for the Light- a guidance to set me back on the right track after hitting one dead end after another. Defeated and lost, I sat slumped on he ground listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean grazing along the rocky shores.
I felt a noticeable Shift within my being:

My eyes opened,
My mind liberated,
My heart freed, exposed.
My perspective transformed.


Instead of living simply, I had complicated Life beyond belief.
Jaded, I conditioned myself to hyperfocus only on the negative meanwhile abandoning every bit of positivity in my life. I allowed worry, pessimism, anger, resentment to take over my entire sense of Gratitude. Somewhere along the way, I became entitled. Entitled to be alive;  and to feel graciousness for what I have. I had failed to count my Blessings and with that, I became a shattered, defeated, victimized version of my best self.

Life is as complicated as you make it. Live Simply.
Laugh as much as you breathe, Love as much as you live.

Yes Life is hard, we teeter between powerful all-consuming highs and agonizing lows, but at any given moment we have the Power to Choose. We are born with the right of Choice. Choose misery or simply choose Happiness. The choice is yours and yours alone, this is your journey; what will you do to make the most of it? Toxic thinking fuels unhappiness, which creates a vicious cycle of self-loathing, hatred and soul-sucking blackhole of ultimate self-destruction. I was veering towards that path.

I am just beginning to learn and practice the act of Conciously Cultivating Thankfulness for every second that I am lucky enough to be breathing and given the chance to have the life that I wish to live. Changing your perspective just slightly can transform your life in ways you never deemed possible. I still have a long way to go but it’s a step in the right direction.

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  • Reply Brooke of PassportCouture September 4, 2015 at 2:08 am

    I’m glad you brought up choice. When I feel frustrated as though I have no options, it’s important to remember I have a choice. It may not always be an easy one, but it’s a decision I make on my own.

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