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How To Survive A Red Eye Flight With Ease

Even the most seasoned travelers find themselves on red eye flights. No one look forward to them, everyone resents them – but as travelers sometimes those pesky red eyes are sometimes unavoidable. But truthfully, there are some tried and true tricks to getting through late night flights with ease. Today we’re sharing some simple, yet effective tips to help you survive a red eye flight with grace!

Book As Late As Possible

It seems counter productive, but trust us. Book the last flight out! Departing as late as possible, when you’re extra tired and looking forward to closing your eyes more than anything in the world means that you’re ten times more likely to pass out as soon as you get to your seat.

While some might think arriving earlier to your destination is smart – remember! The easiest sleep comes when your body is following its natural rhythm. Leaving too early from your bedtime will make you less likely to get to sleep.

Know Your Sleep Patterns

Be seat strategic and know thyself! If you’re a side sleeper, book a window seat. You’ll be able to rest your head. If you’re a light sleeper, avoid the back galley at all costs! However, if you know that you’re a frequent bedtime bathroom visitor, save yourself the headache of climbing over strangers.

Be extra vigilant about available seats close to your departure date, or ask if there are any open middle seats for extra leg room when you arrive at the gate.

Bring The Coziest Items You Own

That’s right. Glamour be gone. Bring on the sweaters and hoodies and sweatpants! Be sure to pack a neck pillow and an oversized scarf (just in case the airline runs out of blankets).

Get Drowsy

Sip on Sleepytime tea or take ZzzQuil or melatonin before take off. After getting cozy, these little friends can sometimes give you the extra push into sleep you need. Plus, these sleep aids are light enough to make you feel ready to take on the day when you land.

Just don’t take them before you board the plane! Nothing worse than getting drowsy and waking up to a plane that’s left you behind. And, as always, talk to your doctor if you have serious concerns with sleeping or have anxiety on planes!

Limit Hydration

Yes, you’ve heard it a thousand times – hydration is key for all plane travel. BUT for those needing to survive a red eye, do the opposite.

Limiting your fluid intake a couple hours before takeoff will mean less potty breaks and being woken up. Just remember to start rehydrating towards the end of your flight.

Eye Masks Are Your Friend

They filter out the light and limit interruptions to your REM cycle!

Fly Direct

Avoiding connecting flights means you avoid the headache of having to fall asleep all over again on a new flight. Plus, having to function in a new airport on one a few hours sleep is the worst! Knowing that when you land, you’re at your destination gives you peace of mind.

Prep Yourself

Avoid caffeine and alcohol before flying. Eat light and balanced. Wash your face, brush your teeth and seriously set the mood for sleepy time.

Don’t forget to prepare your landing and customs cards, your passport, travel information, hotel details and charge your phone before getting drowsy!

This sets the mood for your natural sleep habits to kick in and allows you to rest easy.

Buckle Up Over Your Clothing

A little trick that seriously matters! All flight attendants are required to see that your seatbelt is secured before take off. To avoid having to be woken up, buckle up over your layers of clothing. Make it clear that you’re being safe, you’re buckled in and you are serious about your sleep!

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