How To Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas When You’re Halfway Across The World

They say there’s no place like home for the holidays. But what’s a girl to do when it’s Christmas time and you’re halfway across the world and very, very far from home? Whether you’ve intentionally decided to not return home or if you’ve stranded in a layover from you-know-where, we’ve got your back. Here are some simple what’s to get in the holiday spirit when you’re halfway across the globe.

Bring The Holiday Traditions To You

Christmas music, light a candle, bake something, dress cozy… do whatever you typically do around the holidays at home. That’s right. No matter where you are, take some time off of your travel itinerary to enjoy taking part in holiday traditions. Whether it’s a stop at the local bakery for warm cookies and milk or spending a moment or two before bed to watch a holiday classic… enjoy the little things that add up to holiday cheer.


If you’re a digital nomad with a temporary home base, spend your Christmas making your digs into something cozy. Buy some twinkle lights to decorate your room or some garlands to hang by a window.

Atmosphere has a lot to do with getting in the right mood. And you’ll be surprised how quickly a tiny space can become a cozy little den of holiday cheer with some thoughtful additions.

You may not be home for the holidays, but it’s not too hard to create your own little haven.

Add A Twist To Your Traditions

Find yourself in the tropics around Christmas? First, know that you’re going to have to embrace a different outlook on your holiday traditions. When you’re outside of your elements, it can be tricky to embrace your holiday cheer. So, it’s time to create your own!

If you typically trade gifts with relatives who are far away, why not volunteer to serve a hot meal for the homeless? Maybe you normally have Christmas ham, but why not find something delicious and savory in your location? Embrace the unusual circumstances you’re in and have fun with it. Make your own little unique traditions and save them especially for the holidays.

FaceTime, Phone Calls & Christmas Cards

And the most obvious of ways to have yourself a merry little Christmas when you’re halfway across the world… connect with others! Take an hour or two to call and leave voicemails to your closest friends and family expressing your love for them. Send postcards to your loved ones. Schedule a FaceTime call with your siblings around the time you typically sit down to eat a meal. Take the initiative and connect – it’s what the holidays are all about after all!

No matter where you are this holiday season, Dame Travelers, we’re sending you love and lots of holiday cheer!

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