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Group Travel Tips for Women

Women are increasingly welcoming the idea of traveling independently or organized group travels. Women-only vacations help break the monotonous travel cultures of family, couples or friends holidays and serve as the perfect getaway for women leading busy lifestyles. It’s a whole different experience if you successfully pull off group travel. It is adventurous, liberating and most importantly, cost-effective. However, most group travel often fails to meet expectations due to poor planning. The listed steps below will help you make the most out of a women’s only trip next time you are on holiday.

Where to Find Traveling Partners

Assuming you don’t  have a group and intend to get one, finding the partners to travel with can be quite the task. The good thing though is that most women work well in numbers. Keep an eye out for local meetups on online platform.. Various online travel groups are easily found with a simple keyword search on Google or social media. For example, you could head on to Facebook and search for, ‘Women travel group.’ You can also follow popular female travel bloggers and vloggers to learn about the latest deals. Getting at the planning phase in the initial stages presents you with the opportunity to chip in your ideas.

Take Time to Know your Travel Buddies

This lets the group play to its strengths. Having already found a group that shares common interests, make an effort to freely interact with one another and throw all judgement out of the window. Some traits cannot be denied regardless of the roles you wish to assign people. For example, some people are natural leaders and have more command than the rest of the group. They should be assigned leadership roles and given the green light to coordinate travel. This is not to say that others should abstain from the planning process. There are those within the group that are more passionate about food. They should be in charge of meals. Identify the different tasks and assign each to a suitable member. The specialization will ensure every responsibility gets top priority and travelling seems effortless.

Budget and Booking

The next step would be to focus on budgeting to identify and take advantage of every available opportunity. One way to ensure you stick to a budget would be to book early. You should book as early as the end of the budgeting stage. Most flights and tourist destinations charge less when booked in advance. Some even offer special incentives to group travellers. This would also help eliminate confusion during the actual trip as you will only need to follow the plan and not line up on cues unsure of whether you will get slots. Other expenses that do not feature booking can be subdivided among group members for equality or opt for personal financing. After all, people have different spending preferences as well as needs. During the budgeting stage, you know where to take advantage of numbers and get group discounts. Such include travel charges on flights and accommodation. For most groups, BnBs, apartments and vocational homes are preferable to hotel rooms. Besides, most travel destinations offer favourable prices for group packages. You will most likely have to share rooms with someone. it is important that you feel comfortable with your roommate.

Take Advantage of Luggage shipping Services

Baggage is always a headache when travelling. It becomes worse when you have to take care of group luggage. Luggage is often left behind at various stop points, leading to losses that could hamper the trip. Moving from station to station could also attract extra fees when checking-in luggage. This is why you need an excellent luggage service to take the edge off when travelling. Courier companies pick baggage at your location at an agreed time and have them at the destination even before you get there. The team of professionals handle items with care and uphold a stringent work ethic hence you can be guaranteed your items will be in one piece when you get there. Depending on the destination you agree to, your items shall be delivered at the promised time. Inconveniences may occur in rare events, but professional luggage shipping companies are well coordinated to keep you informed at all times. You can also track the delivery process from your current location. We advise you to check the list of acceptable items, to ensure your baggage is approved for such services.

Take Advantage of Smart Technology for Easy Communication

All members need to be updated at all times with essential information. It is also easier to coordinate the group from a single platform. Social media groups are instrumental when used purposefully. Most social media groups can be used for frequent communication but not plan sharing. You will need apps such as Doodle to help vote for agreements if you are doing so online. Splitts and Splitwise can be used to manage expenses while Google Sheets could be used to organize available options. This way, each member can view individual pages to acquire any necessary information rather than having to contact people individually.

Is it a lot to Handle? Hire Professionals

Vacation planning could involve a lot for an inexperienced group to handle comfortably. Some professionals in the industry help manage group trips at a reasonable cost. If you find the price affordable, why not leave the planning work for someone else to handle as you worry about the fun parts. After all, vacations are all about freeing our minds from day-to-day hustles.


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