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Flight Attendant Amy Bartholomew’s 4 Destinations

For the last 2 and a half years I have been lucky enough to have my office in the sky. I am an international flight attendant with one of the world’s largest and most luxurious airlines and each month have my pick of visiting our ever growing network of 148 destinations around the globe 🌏

Downtown Dubai, U.A.E

My base is here in Dubai, U.A.E. where the sun never stops shining! It is the perfect transit stop, so next time you have a flight that connects through Dubai, take a break and discover this vibrant, cosmopolitan city that has been built literally in the middle of the desert.

The Grand Palace – Bangkok, Thailand
Sawadee Ka from Bangkok, Thailand

On average per month I spend 100 hours in the air flying. The aircraft has really become my second home ✈️ As we spend a lot of time on board surrounded by an array of different passengers we always seem to pick up tidbits of languages of the places that we travel to. Of all the languages we are exposed to, Thai is the one that I have picked up the most!

I love exploring new places and cultures that are completely different to my own. You gain a new perspective and respect for the world that surrounds you. Life is enhanced by experiencing the unfamiliar, the unknown and then you truly become a global citizen 🌏

The Natural History Museum – London, U.K

London is actually one of my all time favourite cities to fly to! For work alone I have flown into Heathrow airport 35 times, making it my most flown destination 🇬🇧 London never fails to disappoint and I always find something new and exciting to do during every season. You can find me strolling around one of the many museums or enjoying a traditional English Afternoon Tea. Where else but London to enjoy such an age old tradition.

Urban Light – Los Angeles, California

Did you know that when flight attendants operate long haul flights they legally need some time to sleep 😴 We have a hidden area on the aircraft called the rest compartment. Flying to Los Angeles takes 16 hours so on average we receive about 3 hours rest. That means once we do land in the city of angels we can explore to our hearts desire. I came across the Urban Light exhibition outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art which features over 200 restored street lamps from the 1920s and 30s. Make sure you visit bright and early or late at night to avoid all the crowds!

If you do have any questions about what it is like to be a flight attendant or if you would like to become a globalista feel free to ask me over on my page where you can follow my day to day adventures around the globe!

Hope you all enjoyed my takeover and if you do ever see me in the sky at 39,000ft remember to say hello! See you in the skies.




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