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Explore With Purpose: 13 Meaningful Travel Experiences

Can travel help a person grow? Can adventure push us to experience more meaning? We think yes. Today we’re rounding up fifteen creative meaningful travel experiences – made to push boundaries, develop ourselves and discover more through our adventures. Let’s do this!

Ancestry-Based Adventure

With ancestry research companies like and 23andMe, understanding your family’s lineage is easier than ever. Discover your past and your family’s history… and discover a side of yourself that you never knew. Think of how fascinating it would be to have your own two feet on the same lands as your ancestors!

Travel To Learn

Education, like travel, is a limitless endeavor. What is it that you always wanted to learn? Is it to learn the Japanese art of ceramics or to be a student in the historic halls of Oxford? Do you long to educate yourself on art history while surrounded by Italy’s ancient relics? Traveling to learn is a meaningful journey for your mind and spirit.

Disconnected Travel

In today’s modern world, traveling without the digital convenience may seem like a backwards way of maneuvering around the globe. But with the continuing rise of digital detoxes, traveling disconnected is a true challenge for the mind. Our strong desire to constantly be entertained by our screens is a crutch only a select few can push themselves towards overcoming. Reconnect with yourself and feel closer to nature and your surrounding environment.

Extreme Physical Demands

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Trek through the wild forests of Germany? Pushing yourself physically is one way to exceed your expectations and feel one with the capabilities of the human body. It’s amazing what we’re capable of when pushed to the extremes. And the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a journey of a lifetime is incredible!

Long Term Trip

Traveling for a week-long holiday is a completely different experience than traveling long term. Leaving behind your well loved hometowns, the places you’re most familiar with, and embracing the unknown is life changing. A long term trip redefines what “home” is to a person.

A Trip To Learn A Language

There’s no better way to learn something new than to immerse yourself in it. Fancy yourself a Spanish speaker? Travel to Spain or Southern America! Always been infatuated with the Chinese language? Spend some time in China! As much as language learning apps and classes can teach a person – there’s nothing quite like attempting (and often failing) to translate in real life.

Creative Excursion

Learn from the artistic masters around the globe. Going on a creative excursion gives us the time and the purpose to learn an art we otherwise thought we were incapable of doing. Learn how to weave, paint, act, photography, dance (or whatever else your heart fancies), from the artists you respect most. So many amazing workshops hosted around the world are popping up! Do your research and book that trip – you might be the next Picasso!


Give back. Volunteering gives our travels an added element of meaning – no matter what capacity you give back.

Reconnect With Nature

Nature has the innate ability to feel at peace and one with ourselves. A walk in the wild, whether it be for an hour or for a few days, quiets the mind and gives us connection to the world and our minds. Soak in the beauty of our globe. Push yourself to use the natural elements that surround you as a propeller to discovery and wonder. Book a trip to a remote cabin, go hiking, or camp in the wild – the possibilities are seemingly limitless. Nature beckons… answer its call.

A Road Trip Of A Lifetime

We’ve all dreamed of the perfect road trip, but have you ever considered that this type of trip could give you more purpose than a regular trip? Taking yourself on the road gives you the ultimate freedom to decide your itinerary and feed your fantasy. See an epic sunset? Pull off on the side of the road and soak it in. Heard about a quirky site you think is hilarious? Give you inner comedian the laughs you crave. Road trips give us the freedom most trips don’t offer. Determine your course and follow it through!

Overcome Your Fears

Ah… the ultimate meaningful trip. Book a trip that pushes yourself to overcome your deepest fears. Afraid of heights? Book an excursion to sky dive or scale the highest mountains. Afraid of sharks? Go deep sea diving or go swim with them. You get the idea. Intentionally deciding to push your limits in this capacity gives you the inner strength to accomplish what you fear most… giving you empowerment like you’ve never felt before. Be fearless!

Foodie Trip

Fill your spirit and your stomach. A foodie trip with lots of goodies to devour can give travelers a deep and personal look at the traditions of cultures unlike their own. They say that food has the magical ability to bring people together. See for yourself. Book a cooking lesson to learn the traditional meals and flavors of a far off destination, or create your own foodie itinerary filled with local favorites.

Solo Trip

Last but certainly not least, a solo trip! We believe that solo adventures give travelers the unique experience of learning about themselves in more ways than they could ever expect. Venturing this globe on one’s own teaches travelers about their own courageousness, patterns of thinking and just how capable they are independently.

Have you ever done any of the above trips?
What did your experiences teach you?

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