Expedition To Antarctica: What To Expect & What I Loved The Most

My desire to go on an Antarctica Cruise had always been strong, and when a girlfriend I had met on a citizen science trip contacted me to see if I’d be interested, I jumped at the chance! My Antarctica cruise is one of the most fantastic expeditions I have experienced, and I would love to go again. And again! When Annie asked me about Antarctica, we never considered going on any other cruise line than Lindblad. Though I was over 50 and Annie over 60, we wanted a learning and scientific experience. The two of us met on a Citizen Science Trip with Ray of Hope Expeditions in Cancun where we were searching for Manta Rays. Instead we discovered hundreds of Whale Sharks and enjoyed taking Identification Photos of them. Our shared interest in wildlife, science and the ocean drew us together, and made the idea of a Lindblad NatGeo Antarctica cruise very enticing. With several scientists on board, and explorers, we set off to discover the White Continent. What to Expect What I expected on an Antarctica cruise was a journey into a dark, stark, snowy world filled with icebergs, but no, no, no. We sailed into blue skies, … Continue reading Expedition To Antarctica: What To Expect & What I Loved The Most