10 Amazing Destinations For Coffee Lovers

Dame Traveler Foodies – unite! Today, we’re sharing some of the world’s coolest and storied cities dedicated to our favorite caffeinated drink of choice. That’s right! COFFEE. For any traveler seriously devoted to their daily cup of joe, this post is for you. Here are ten amazing destinations for coffee lovers!


Of course “the birthplace of coffee” tops our list of destinations for coffee lovers! A true coffee aficionado should learn about the rich history of coffee trade, shouldn’t they? Not to mention, Ethiopia is home to one of the most popular varieties of java – arabica. Ethiopia’s long standing passion for coffee has persisted for many centuries for good reason!


Kona coffee has been described by Mark Twain as “a richer flavor than any other.” And who would dare to disagree with that? The coffee beans collected on Hawaii’s Big Island have been touted as the best in the world, and the tourism around the islands have followed suit. In between surfing and snorkeling Hawaii’s blue waters, you can book tours of coffee farms throughout the islands.



Sure, Seattle is the home of the original Starbucks… and seeing the simple beginnings of the biggest coffee chain in the world is a great homage to your favorite caffeinated drink. But, coffee snobs will be happy to know that Seattle’s commitment to embracing coffee culture goes far beyond that! The coffee scene in the city is alive and well. Plus, Seattle’s notoriously overcast and rainy weather is also perfectly suited for many cups of hot coffee at a cool cafe. Don’t you think?



Coffee has become a huge selling point in this Australian city. So much so that there more than a handful of Melbourne-based coffee publications! Needless to say, Melbourne and its people are truly devoted to their coffee and cafe culture. If you’re booking a trip to this java-loving city, be sure to come during its own International Coffee Expo in late March. Or, if you can’t make it then, book one of Melbourne’s Coffee Tours around the city. You’ll learn more about their cafe culture and history while sipping on local cup(s) of joe!


Colombia’s coffee growing area, “The Coffee Triangle,” has been making waves in the industry. This area along the steep slopes of the Andes mountains is open to tourists who want to learn more about the country’s history of coffee cultivation. In fact, you can even book a hacienda or ranchero to extend your stay and explore the rural side of Colombia. Bogota also has a great cafe scene too! 



Kenya’s home to over 56 national parks and has been well known for being the safari capital of the world. But, in between seeing wild lions, elephants and giraffes, coffee lovers can find themselves on coffee tours around the country! In fact, Kenya’s two biggest industries are coffee and tourism. Combine the two and you’ll find yourself touring the grounds of coffee, tea, and flower farms in the worlds most epic landscape. Kenya’s highland soil and sunlight has been its defining factor for coffee growth. It’s time to see for yourself why.


Rome is definitely a romantic city. With a seemingly unending amount of historical relics tossed throughout, you’re going to have to stay caffeinated. Rome’s cafe culture is truly a gem, so be sure to frequent one regularly over an espresso or afternoon cappuccino! You’ll find that each cafe has a life and a story unlike the next.


Havana, Cuba

Cafe cubanos anyone? This caffeinated concoction of espresso mixed with demerara sugar is a dynamite drink in miniature form. If you’re too jittery for Cuba’s tiny powerhouse drink, order a cortadito or a regular brew of freshly ground beans from the Escambray or Sierra Maestra mountains! Not many people associate Cuba with coffee, but truthfully their devoting to java is outstanding.


When UNESCO lists a city’s cafes as “intangible heritage,” you better believe it’s a destination for coffee lovers! Beautiful decor, rich history and fantastic cups of the good stuff? Win-win-win!


Did we miss any coffee destinations you’ve discovered? Let us know in a comment below! 

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