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Insider Guide to Czech Republic: Prague and Cesky Krumlov

When we think of Eastern Europe, it’s hard not to be drawn immediately to Prague in the Czech Republic. I’ve heard how picturesque it is, each winding corner holding a new moment to experience whether an old brick building or quaint café. This is Prague — red brick houses, steeples, and a towering castle overseeing the city. It was exactly how people described it.


Orientating yourself in this rather large city is key for getting to understand where you are in relation to the districts. One of the highlights of the time was going to the top of Old Town Hall to see a 360-degree view of Prague — perfect way to get to know the city.


Featuring multiple Baroque gardens in the city, each one is unique in design. I loved exploring the Vrtbovska Zahrada (gardens) as the rows of perfectly trimmed hedges, aviary, and layered decks were magical.

When you get to the top of Vrtbovska Zahrada, the views of the castle and across into the city are just breathtaking — a perfect place to pause and take it all in.

One day we made the climb to Prague Castle by way of the steps. Though it was tiresome, each view along the journey made it worth it. The castle’s gardens and area were a great step into history.

Charles Bridge — one of those icons in the city of Prague, and often over packed with people can be seen and photographed just like this. The trick is getting there right at sunrise, as it will be just you, other photographers and joggers. A little early, but this sight made it all worthwhile.

You can’t come to the Czech Republic and not make your way to Cesky Krumlov. An easy day trip from Prague by way of a bus, this bohemian village is just like a postcard.

Cesky Krumlov was a dream — with small shops and cafes, it had a local feeling to it that was warm and inviting. Snacking on trdelnik and sipping warm café, we spent most of the day popping in and out of places.

A highlight in Cesky Krumlov is the historic castle that sits towering over the town. At the very top, the views back down into town were dreamy. I must have stopped a hundred times to take snapshots.

Overall Cesky Krumlov alongside with Prague, are both places that cannot be missed when in Eastern Europe, each unique in their own way. A small town and a large city remind you there is much to be discovered in each.



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