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Best Jobs for Travel Lovers

Loving to travel is different than loving vacations. Vacations are amazing and needed but people who love to vacation can feel satisfaction in a simple night away from home staying in a nice hotel to catch a break. While those who love to travel, have a deeper passion for exploration and cultivating new experiences for themselves. Unfortunately having wanderlust does not automatically mean that you have the time or the means to fund it. Unless you combine your passions with your paycheck.


The hospitality industry is amazing because it is universal. If you are looking for a job that is different every day and can be easily acquired from location to location, then the hospitality industry might be your best fit. If you choose the collegiate route a degree in hospitality management can make you that much more of an attractive candidate.

Investing in your professional development will be worthwhile and you can take out a student loan with a private lender in order to pay for college. While many hospitality industry jobs do not require a formal education, the most consistent ones typically do. So, if you are looking to travel for significant periods at a time maybe a more fixed job is best. A great example would be hotel related hospitality. These jobs are great because there is an excess of departments with tons of positions that you could fill. Also depending on the hotel its highly possible that they have locations all over the world so when it comes time to hit your next travel spot you may be able to transfer your job.

Independent Contracting

Think about your hobbies and talents and if you can create a career out of them. Working as an independent contractor or a consultant means that you are your own boss, and you work in a job-to-job style rather than as a set employee with pre-determined hours and projects. Photography is an example of an industry that you can get into that is virtually limitless.

Travel wedding photographers can earn a handsome living plus scratch their travel itch, often on their clients’ dimes too. Working for yourself means that you are fluid, and marketing yourself as such encourages consumers to bring you along for their travels if your service suits their needs. Typically wedding photographers that are hired for destination weddings have costs like airfare and lodging built into their pricing models meaning they essentially travel for free.

Seasonal Work

Traveling with the seasons is not uncommon. Professional vacationers know that certain locations are better during certain seasons but that can escalate costs quickly. Enter, working where you vacation. Odd jobs like ski or surf instructors are good examples of seasonal occupations that facilitate travel. Ski resorts all over the world are always on the lookout for part-time employees that they can hire for the busy season then dissolve the contract once the peak has passed. Take advantage of their need to fill those roles by bouncing around. The best part is you get to experience peak season in each location without emptying your wallet to do so.

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