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5 Tips To Become A Travel Writer And Get Paid To Explore Different Countries

Nowadays, it has become easier to make the dream of becoming a travel writer come true. In fact, even beginner writers are hired as essay writers to document their traveling experiences.

However, you can become a highly-paid writer whose job is to travel to different locations but to get this paid sponsorship as a travel writer, your work and perspective must stand out. Your written content must resonate with audiences locally and beyond. Read along to learn about some useful tips that will put you on the right path to kickstarting your career as a travel writer.

Start locally

Starting up your travel writing career should commence from your locale. Your local audience is often a microcosm of the entire world, making them the perfect litmus test for your content.

Are they interested in what you have to say? What do people find interesting?

Documenting stories about your local traveling experience helps you develop a unique style and study the audience. Choose locations with which you are familiar and start writing stories about visiting them.

Also, you need to develop a local audience with whom you can share your content. You can always start by sharing your content with your friends and family. More so, don’t forget to ask them for feedback and constructive criticism. Once you have gathered an established following, you can go ahead to the next stage

Stand out from the crowd

In order to stand out,  develop a style that sounds natural and unique to you.

Your aim is to relay your experiences, which is why you need a unique narrative. Of course, you should study the work of other travel writers. But only choose the most effective elements of their writing and craft yours

Visit undiscovered locations

Let’s face it; we are all tired of seeing pictures of the Louvre and Times Square. You have read so much about these places that you feel like you have visited them. So, save your readers from the same boring narratives by visiting undisclosed locations in a country.

Instead of writing about the Louvre, you can cover the wine culture of downtown Paris. Readers always find this kind of exclusive content refreshing since it opens a new world to them.

Even if you want to talk about the Louvre, find an unexplored perspective. Interview locals, the crowds, the security, or the staff… anything other than the building itself.

This unique perspective on a popular location will put you in the perfect position to write lucrative travel deals worldwide.

Get on the right media platforms

After crafting your content, you need to share it with the world. Create a Facebook group or an Instagram page dedicated to your travels. Also, choose a username and bio that clearly states that you are a travel writer.

More so, don’t post the stories and abandon them. Interact with the audience by answering their questions and showing gratitude for their compliments. This approach helps the readers to feel valued and also motivates them to accompany you on your journey.

Network: prepare your perfect pitch

Armed with your unique content and audience, you can now reach out to companies to seek travel writer jobs. Find companies with mutual interests in the places you intend to visit. You can reach out to travel companies, airlines, and clothing brands for sponsorship.

However, your pitch should be ready before approaching them. Here are the things you need to include in your offer for cooperation.

1. Your name, occupation, and base of operations

2. Your interests and destinations

3. Reasons why the proposed company fits into your narrative

4. The amount of exposure your promise (your follower count, etc.)

5. The name of your blog or page

6. Your (realistic) travel budget

Landing high-paying travel writer jobs takes a lot of time and dedication. However, you can expedite the process by creating a specific niche for yourself. Work on establishing a massive following for your blog or travel page and keep the content entertaining. Also, keep your followers engaged by replying to comments and interacting with them. And when you have the right amount of followers, you can pitch your services to the right company for sponsorship opportunities.


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