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Barcelona, A Vermouth Lover’s Dream Destination

Barcelona, A Vermouth Lovers Dream Destination

Everyone enjoys some tapas and drinks when in Barcelona. Although local beer is very popular and there are countless fantastic wines, you really should be trying some vermouth. Vermouth lovers will enjoy the countless varieties throughout the city. Every establishment that sells it has a secret home-made recipe. The herb-based classic is available in white or red. It can be dry or sweet and is best with olives, chips, or seafood snacks. To truly enjoy it like a local, you have a vermouth or two at a classic bodega to start the night, then go for dinner.  Here are some of the best places to have a “fer el vermut”.

Balius in El Poblenou 

This cocktail bar should be top on your list of places to visit. Balius specializes in drinks made with vermouth and has some of the best drinks in the city. And if you’re a fan of seafood – their other specialty is sustainable fish. Be sure try some of their delicious food while enjoying your vermouth!

Barcelona, A Vermouth Lovers Dream Destination

Bar Calders in Sant Antoni

The outdoor terrace is one of Sant Antoni’s best secrets. Enjoy the wonderful outdoors as you savor one of four brands of vermouth here. If you are a fan of the Catalan author, you’re in luck, the bar has some books written by Pere Calders.

Bar Electricitat in Barceloneta

You will enjoy great vermouth here and may meet some new people. The long tables inside are set up to use most of the space available. This means when its busy, you will be siting with other people. It is a great place if the weather is not ideal outside. Also, be sure to try some of the tapas here!  

Barcelona, A Vermouth Lovers Dream Destination

Bodega lo Pinvol in Gracia

Lo Pinyol has three spaces inside for you enjoy your time. Enter the traditional bar with suspended vermouth and wine barrels above the bar. If you don’t want to be in the bar there is the cozy room filled with books and a dining area at the back of the building.  

El Xampanyet in Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

El Xampanyet holds a large part of Barcelona history and tradition. It could be the oldest bar in Barcelona. The bar has been owned and run by the same family since 1929. Originally named Ca ‘Esteve, it changed its name to El Xampanyet in 1972. Now, it’s a very popular bar and gets extremely busy. They do not take reservations, so be prepared to arrive early or wait for a place to sit!

Barcelona, A Vermouth Lovers Dream Destination

La Bodegueta d’en Miquel in Nou Barris

If you want true Barcelona history and tradition, then La Bodegueta d’en Miquel is a place you must visit. The shop first opened over 50 years ago. The most recent owner, Miquel, took over in 2007 and hasn’t changed a thing. You will see locals come with empty plastic bottles to fill with their choice of vermouth or wine and pick up some tapas, preserves, or other small items. 

La Plata in El Gotic

Here you will enjoy one of Catalonia’s oldest brands of vermouth, Perucchi. The Lid, in English, still serves the same four tapas that is started with when it opened in 1945. La Plata is a very traditional bar in the center of Barcelona.

There are hundreds of bars throughout Barcelona. These are just a few of the great vermouth places. You could plan out a tour of these bars as you visit some of the most popular areas in the city. Something to keep in mind when if you want a place that is traditional, they will be small and may look rough around the edges… and they won’t have signs in English – everything will be in Catalan or Spanish.

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