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9 Foolproof Ways To Save Money While Exploring Europe

As a budget-conscious traveler, I’m always hunting for ways to save money while exploring. While Europe is a constant adventurer’s delight, there’s no denying that expenses really pile up while soaking it all in. That being said, there are some easy tricks to help alleviate costs without missing out on the best of Europe’s delights! Here are 9 foolproof ways to save money while exploring Europe.

Cook In Now & Then

Living slow is one of the most delicious things about the European lifestyle. Kick back, breathe, soak in the good stuff – because the best things in life are moments of pure simplicity. A great way to save some pennies while in Europe is deciding to cook in now and then. Certainly don’t miss out on the restaurants and cafes (I would NEVER dare to stop you from delicious eateries)… but that being said, it’s a nice change of pace to collect ingredients and make a meal of your own. You’ll save on expenses and feed the soul (and stomach)! 

“Invest” In Public Transport

Research public transportation options wherever you’re departing to. You’ll save major cash if you buy prepaid metro cards in major cities instead of opting for ride sharing options. Many times, cities offer a “max” amount you can spend on in 24 hours… meaning you’re expenses are capped at a certain point – saving you money for longer trips! 

Indulge Mindfully

Of course, saving money doesn’t always come down to saying no! When shopping, indulge mindfully. Always practice the art of asking yourself “do I love this, will I love this in 20 years?” Meaning, being hyper aware of your love, passion and interests results in spending on things that really, really matter to you. Should you find a unique gift you know you’ll treasure for life – go for it! If you don’t have a resounding desire to have it, say no to whatever it is. 

Research Lunch Deals

Do a quick Google search for best lunch deals for your destination. You’ll find a lot of amazing restaurants offer a discounted midday meal, giving you a sample of their best dishes at a cheaper rate.

Find Alternative Housing Options

Always look into the various housing options available for travelers! We assume that hostels are the cheapest housing, but that may not always be the case (especially if you’re traveling with a friend). 

Choose Destinations With Free Admissions & Activities

Love art and culture? Research destinations with free admission to museums and galleries. Music lover? Look into destinations with music festivals throughout the year. When planning your trip, take some extra time to find free or cheap activities that align with your passions! You’ll be saving a ton of money if you decide to explore regions that offer discounted rates, and you’ll be feeding your soul at the same time.

Use The Local Grocer For Wine, Beer & Spirits

Wine for 2 Euros? Yeah, count me in. Using the local grocer to stock up on pre-gaming/aperitivo is a great way to cut costs. Alcohol really adds up on a bill, so only needing to order one (or none!) during a meal is a great alternative for save money while exploring Europe

What are some ways you’ve pinched pennies while exploring destinations – specifically in Europe?

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