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8 Spooky Destinations For The Halloween Obsessed Traveler

It’s about that time of year – the crisp of fall has crept over the hills and valleys of the world, pumpkins have arranged themselves on the porches of our neighbors and the warm drinks of the cool weather await our chilly hands. Yes, fall is here – and with that comes Halloween. For the Dame Traveler who loves the feeling of the creepy, crawling, eery and downright chilling, here are eight spooky destinations for the Halloween obsessed!

The Paris Catacombs

The infamous Paris Catacombs are lined with the skulls of over six million people – making it one of the obvious choices for us to feature in our roundup of spooky destinations! Find yourself utterly beside yourself while exploring the winding tunnel networks underneath Paris’s streets. This burial ground created in the 18th century to store bodies when the cemeteries were too full is bone-chilling and perfect for the Halloween enthusiast.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The homeland of voodoo and old magic! New Orleans is stocked with enough haunted houses and creepy cemeteries to keep an adventurer busy for days. Between St. Louis Cemetary No. 1 (the oldest and most famous cemetery) housing the queen of voodoo, Marie Laveau, and the featured location of vampire Lestat’s fictitional grave in Lafayette Cemetary No. 1… you’re sure to get your fill of thrills and chills.

The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

Prepare yourself thrill seekers – this island will haunt you for the rest of your life. Near Mexico City, the Isla de las Muñecas is filled with dolls missing heads, limbs and eye sockets. Prepare yourself for hundreds of abandoned dolls hanging from trees and buildings, dear travelers. Legend says that a young girl drowned near the island and the island’s caretaker hung her doll in remembrance of her life. The dolls that followed were also hung in her honor… but many believe they are now possessed by the girl’s spirit. Others say the dolls whisper to each other unbeknownst to those who wander the island. *cue a shiver rolling down our backs*

Salem, Massachusetts

Witches and Halloween are two peas in a pod. Why not visit the home place of the notorious witch trials of early America? Salem is quite adorable, but visit this town in October and find yourself in enough witchcraft, psychic and haunted tours to fill every minute of your trip!

Dracula’s Castle, Romania

Translyvania may be an antiquated term for Romania – but the infamous look of Bran’s Castle in Romania stays forever etched in the thrill seekers’ memory. The grand, looming medieval castle in the forests of Romania are sure to fulfill every spooky wish a traveler could ask for. Be sure to explore the dark, mysterious forests that surround the castle… they hold enough folklore and mythical qualities as the castle itself!

Sleepy Hollow, New York

Yes, it’s a real place! Sleepy Hollow has really stepped up its game in the past thirty years. What was once known as North Tarrytown is now the full fledged setting to relive Washington Irving’s famous short story. The Sleepy Hollow cemetery has quite a mysterious feel about it, as does the terrifying Philipsburg Manor for those looking for a night with the Headless Horseman. Visit the nearby Croton-on-Hudson and you’ll find another manor that brings new light to spooktacular travels! The Van Cortlandt Manor displays over seven thousand hand carved jack o’ lanterns. Perfect for Halloween adventures!

The Hill Of Crosses, Lithuania

Although the backstory to this site is less creepy and more historic, The Hill Of Crosses in Lithuania is quite a sight. The hill is lined with thousands of holy crosses, a pilgrimage many have made to achieve their dreams. The legend goes that those who travel to the hill and leave behind a holy cross will have their wishes fulfilled. It’s quite a sight to see for yourself – but just try to stay a night in this odd and eery place, we dare you!

Highgate Cemetery, London

This cemetery is apparently haunted by the “Highgate Vampire,” a ghostly figure prowling the grounds during unexpected hours, often seen by visitors. This cemetery’s folklore is a great stop while exploring the bustling city, as it also is the resting place of many famous celebrities and a few extra 170,000 other Londoners as well.


Happy Halloween-time Dame Travelers. We hope these spooky destinations get you in the holiday spirit!


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