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8 Frugal Tips To Save Money When Traveling On A Group Vacation

Group vacations are a great way to reconnect with old friends and relatives who live far away from your home. But money is a huge issue when you’re traveling with several people. The difference of opinion can lead to fights and wastage of money during group vacations.

A financial plan that suits everyone in the group can help solve these problems. Here are 8 frugal tips you can use when traveling with a big group.

1. Rent a house or a condo
The price ends up being lower than high end hotels. Besides, just think all of you can have fun 24*7 in complete privacy. You can cook breakfast or dinner together and save money on food. You can tuck kids into bed early and chat with friends in the living room until midnight. Buying groceries from the local market also helps to cut down costs.

2. Divide the expenses
Split the total cost of the trip with the group members. Don’t take turns to pay for things since this may complicate financial matters. Let me explain you why. Suppose you decide to cover the hotel expenses and another group member agrees to cover the food cost. Now it may happen that you end up paying more than the other group members since booking hotels is much more expensive than buying food.

Calculate the total cost of the trip at the end of your journey after you’ve recorded all of the expenses on paper. If you find it difficult, then use an app instead.

3. Save for the random night outs
When you travel with many people, you’re tempted to eat, shop and drink at a mere suggestion. Money is the least of your concern during this time. But this can add up quite quickly.

Save a little bit for the extra expenses. For instance, if your budget for the trip is $600, then save at least $800. This extra $200 can help you to say ‘yes’ to fun activities and random night outs.

4. Watch out for the group programs
Are you traveling with more than 10 people? If so, then you can qualify for group benefits. This includes discounted air tickets and reserved seating. Read about the various types of group programs offered by airlines. Compare all the group programs before booking flights.

5. Plan your trip in the off-season
Airlines and hotels are more than happy to offer big rebates during the off-season, especially if your group is huge. So plan your vacation early.

6. Find a good tour operator
Tour operators know about all the packages very well. So you can contact a reliable tour operator to know about the economical packages.

7. Talk about how to save money
Communicate with your group members if you’re worried that group is spending too much money. It would be terrible if you do all the hardships to save money and other people spend all of it. Discuss the possible ways to save money.

8. Find the best cruise deal
Cruises are perhaps the best option for group vacations with a variety of activities offered in the same place. You can watch movies in the theater, have sumptuous meals, play different games, swim in the pool, drink the best wines, and relax.

Some cruise agencies offer nice discounts on the total fare plus other amenities if your group occupies at least 8 staterooms. Make sure you plan in advance since group availability can be limited.


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