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6 Easy & Picturesque Day Trips From Rome

The ancient city of Rome is filled with so much age, delicious foods and splendor, it’s hard to imagine wanting to leave its golden-hued streets. However, for a traveler looking to explore more of Italy… it’s amazing how well-connected the city is. Thanks to Italy’s train systems (although some would argue they can be chaotic at times), it’s easy for explorers to see more of the country’s beauty with just a day to spare. Here are seven easy and picturesque day trips from Rome.


The Umbrian town of Assisi is so charming, you’ll hardly want to leave. There’s something truly magical about this hilly little town. From high above the hills, you’ll be able to see the stunning, sprawling views of the Italian countryside while leisurely exploring the narrow, Medieval streets.



Another Umbrian gem (that’s a great add-on from a day trip to Assisi)! Orvieto is truly what every Italian hill city should be – delightful, well preserved and colorful. This Medieval town has a complex underground tunnel system carved by the Etruscans 3,000 years ago… and that’s just the start of this town’s history.



Pompeii is a long day trip, but a totally worthy one. Be sure to come with a plan if you’re making the trip! The city of Pompeii stands as a relic of the volcanic eruption of 79 A.D. and it’s a must-do in Italy if you want to feel transported back in time. The history that is preserved in this city is incredible.


Hadrian’s Villa & Tivoli

Tivoli, a small Lazio town has a lot of picturesque sites to capture. But first things first, a stop to Hadrian’s Villa is a must. This site is huge (especially for travelers without a car) but so gorgeous! Hadrian, the Roman Emperor responsible for the creation of the Pantheon, had quite a villa to escape to. The whole area is a stunner, and very romantic. Find yourself lost as you explore the sprawling, ancient villa lined with marble pavement, statues, formal gardens, frescoed rooms and opulent details.



This hidden gem is a small lake town loved by Romans – need we say more? The quiet lake, medieval castle and absolute charm make it a perfect day trip from Rome. Find yourself connected to the beauty of nature while lazily strolling with locals enjoying the free time. Bracciano will make you feel like a real Italian on holiday.


Ostia Antica

This river town is one of the most well preserved ancient Roman cities, and it sits about an hour from Rome. Now, travelers can stroll through the ruins of Rome’s military siege of the town in between ancient buildings from the Republic and the Empire of the country. Be sure to stop at the ancient theater… it’s one of the oldest brick theaters in the world and is still used for concerts today!



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