5 Wonderful Experiences You Can’t Miss In Vietnam

Vietnam has a ton of gorgeous tourist attractions and you’ll surely find them all in your research. But if you want to return home with experiences that’ll fill your heart and soul, these are a few you shouldn’t miss.

Take A Walk Around Hoan Kiem Lake In Hanoi On A Weekend

‘On a weekend’ is imperative. Because every weekend, the roads surrounding the Hoan Kiem Lake are cordoned off to traffic so people can gather around the lake and have fun.

It is a spectacle! You’ll see little kids driving around in toy cars, older kids playing đá cầu or Hacky Sack, people singing and dancing, jogging, or simply walking around with friends and family having a good time.

A walk around Hoan Kiem Lake is a lovely way to feel like you’re part of the local scene. Explore the place even further and you’ll find little parties happening on streets–people sitting on tiny stools and tables outside, sipping on cold beer, eating snacks, and chatting with one another.

Drink As Much Vietnamese Coffee As Possible

If you like coffee, you will love Vietnamese coffee.

There are typically get three variants of Vietnamese coffee in most cafes — black (just the extracted coffee), white (with milk), and brown (with condensed milk – my absolute favorite). And you can have them hot or cold.

Cafes are also experimenting with different flavors like coconut milk and frozen yogurt. It’s quite delicious! And I’d highly recommend you buy some to take home – just so you can recreate this delicious concoction in your own kitchen.

Kayak The Emerald Waters Of Ha Long Bay

When you’re researching your trip to Vietnam and looking for things to do, a cruise to Ha Long Bay will be featured everywhere! And once you get there, you’ll see why.

Gorgeous blue waters and skies as far as your eyes can see, towering limestone islands… you’ll get to visit natural caves and manmade fishing villages. Even bette, most cruises offer you the option to go kayaking in the waters. I’d definitely recommend doing it, if you can. It’s a thoroughly magical experience to be out in the middle of the ocean in a little kayak and watch the limestone islands towering over you.

Have A Chat With The Locals

Vietnam isn’t really an English-speaking country. But many young students want to pick up the language!

When you’re walking around and exploring Vietnam, school-going kids might walk up to you and ask if you’ll help them practice their English. They’ll speak to you for a good three minutes and ask you simple questions to practice their English skills (what’s your name, where you’re from, what plans you have while you’re here, etc). It’s an utter delight every time a student comes up to you to have one of these conversations! Indulge them, and it just might make your day!

Make Time For Your Favorite Things

Just because you’re in a different country, doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you love.

Love to cook? Look around for a cooking class in the local cuisine. Love photography? You’ll find a ton of people offering photo walks. I love crafting and sure enough, I found a little craft studio in Hanoi called DIY Box where they teach you how to fashion fun things out of crocodile leather — passport holders, vanity pouches, wallets, phone cases. I decided to make a passport holder and spent a good three hours happily trimming, hammering, and stitching everything by hand. Such a cool experience!

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