5 Tips To Traveling Unspotted, Period.

Girls just wanna have fun, period. So why do we find ourselves limiting our activity to laying in bed with heat pads or curling up in the fetal position wishing we could just get this over with? Ladies, life is for living! Yes, even when you’re on your period. Life is too short to dedicate a whole week to doing stop doing what you find fulfilling. So don’t postpone that trip and stop typing “how to stop your period” into Google. Here’s a list of things I never leave home without when I’m going on trip while on my period.

Pads, Tampons & Liners

I once took 2 boxes of tampons on a 2 day trip, I’d rather be over prepared than staining a pair of sheets that aren’t mine. Be sure to travel with more than enough pads and tampons, as you never know what can happen along the way.

This applies to one day trips as well, so if you usually use three a day, I advise you pack at least five. You’ll thank me later!

If you plan to go swimming, you might want to use tampons or a menstrual cup. Pads and water don’t mix. After a swim I’m always sure to change my tampon immediately, however this a personal preference.


Yes, some days we’ll be vacation is super luxurious hotels with great bathroom facilities, but .. what about other days when we are at our favorite local beach where the bathroom isn’t the best?

Wipes will definitely come in hand when you need to change your pad or tampon and there’s no water readily available. Staying clean, fresh and comfortable is the aim here!

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags come in handy on almost any trip you’ll take in this lifetime. Be sure to stash a few small ones for your journey’s with Mother Nature just in case the bathroom facilities you come across don’t have a proper receptacle for your pads and tampons.

Pain Medication

Unfortunately, our menstrual cycle usually comes with a bit of pain, whether abdominal cramps or backaches.

Be sure to travel with a few pain medication of your choice that normal gets the job done, and get it done fast for you. So, stock up on what works best just in case a little pain steps into the picture.

Extra Undies

Your period kit is nothing without a few fresh pairs of undies. Even when I’m doing a day trip I ensure I have extra pairs in the off chance I have an accident and need to freshen up.

Comfort is king when traveling and no one wants to feel bound to soiled underwear all day. Freshen up real quick after an accident will turn your whole mood around.

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