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5 Tips for a Cheaper Experience in Banff

5 Tips for a Cheaper Experience in Banff

Nested in the Canadian Rockies, Banff is a gorgeous mountain town that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. Fly into Calgary, and you are just an hour away from being surrounded by some of the most picturesque nature that you have ever seen.

However, like many mountain towns, Banff can start to get pricy if you do not budget appropriately. Here are 5 tips for reducing costs when you visit Banff.

1. Stay just outside the city of Banff

5 Tips for a Cheaper Experience in BanffIf you stay in Banff, you will be paying for the most expensive hotels. For example, Canmore is a great option along the way to Banff.

2. Avoid expensive site-seeing experiences in Banff

5 Tips for a Cheaper Experience in BanffWhile searching for things to do in Banff, the Banff Gondola is a popular scenic activity, but will set you back $50-60 per person. There are also many expensive tours available. If you are looking to save money, pursue less expensive activities such as hiking or riding a bike.

3. Purchase snacks and food in Calgary

There are many pros to purchasing snacks and food in Calgary. You are going to pay less money in the city than you will out in the mountain towns, especially if you are looking for snacks. If you are staying at a hotel with a kitchen, you can save even more money by cooking your own meals or packing a lunch for the day. Take advantage of the nature and consider a picnic.

4. Avoid spending extra money on park passes

5 Tips for a Cheaper Experience in BanffIt costs $10 per adult, per day to enter the Banff National Park. If you stay in Canmore you are actually staying outside of the park. There are many hikes and activities before you enter Banff National Park – if you plan on doing those, schedule your time so you do not pay extra for days within the park itself.

5. Wake up super early to avoid shuttle fees

5 Tips for a Cheaper Experience in BanffLake Louise and Moraine Lake are the world-famous lakes you have probably seen in photos of Banff. Even if you tried to get to the lake at 7:00 am, you are not going to find any parking and will have to take a shuttle. While parking is free, the shuttles cost a small fee. If you’d like to avoid paying the shuttle fee, you will need to get up at the crack of dawn to avoid the crowds and find a parking spot.

While you can easily turn your trip to Banff into a luxury vacation, your adventure to the Rockies does not have to be an expensive one. With the tips above, you can save some extra money, and maybe you can splurge on a nicer meal in town.

5 Tips for a Cheaper Experience in Banff

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