5 Things You Need To Know About Being Healthy When Traveling

Traveling takes you away from your usual routine, so it’s easy to see why people pile on the pounds when their diets and exercise habits change dramatically. To ensure you stay healthy while traveling, you ought to know these five things:

1. Traveling can be tough on your mental health
While everyone is vocal about the numerous benefits of traveling, the problems aren’t mentioned much. Being away from home without a fixed abode can be tough at times – so look out for yourself and others.

You might also have to deal with people assuming you’re running away. Nomadic Matt has spoken about this a lot, and tells you why deviating from the accepted idea of a normal life is no bad thing.

2. Trying local delights is tough on the waistline
Of course you’re going to want to try the dishes places are famous for – but keep an eye on your daily intake of calories, fat, salt and so on. You might be surprised how much one snack or meal could set you back:

• A whole Italian pizza has 1,000 calories
• In Japan, ramen typically contain 500 calories and well over your daily allowance of sodium
• In the USA, a hamburger and fries will set you back 629 calories
• Eating a pain au chocolat in France provides you 300 calories
• One of the UK’s favourite dishes, fish and chips, has 838 calories
Source: How to stay fit when traveling

3. Portion sizes vary around the world
Around the world, what people consider to be an acceptable portion size for adults varies dramatically – so watch out. It will only take a few larger meals for your stomach to expand and then you’ll expect that much food every time.

4. Excessive alcohol isn’t just bad for your weight
On a boozy night out, not only are you probably drinking more calories than your daily allowance but it affects how well you sleep and dehydrates you – meaning you wake up feeling pretty bad and could miss out on a fun day of activities. Know your limits and don’t waste too many days recovering from the night before.

5. You don’t need a gym to exercise
There are few excuses for avoiding exercise. Almost wherever you are in the world, you can get yourself outside to get a sweat on. Take a skipping rope with you, get on a bike, go swimming – there are plenty of options to keep fit. If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out The Body Coach’s YouTube for workouts to suit everyone.

What’s more, rather than relying on cars and buses, why not walk when it’s possible? You’ll save money and get to see more of a place, whilst keeping up your fitness.

What tips do you have for staying healthy while traveling? Let us know.


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  • Reply Dani December 26, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    I always worry about my health when I travel, especially if it’s for long periods of time. It’s crazy seeing how many calories certain ‘local delights’ contain! However, another thing to consider is that the experience and novelty of trying new and exotic cuisine might be worth the extra weight (as long as you don’t overindulge, of course!). I hadn’t thought a lot about portion sizes, so that was a very good point to bring up. Great article!

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