5 Easy Tips To Travel To Singapore On A Budget

As you many travelers know well, traveling is now easier because there are numerous options to save money. If you are planning to take your next trip to Singapore for a vacation or business trip, you can make things easier by staying on a budget while still enjoying every moment. The Lion City appreciates tourists, but she is not after extorting money from travelers. However, you’ll need the right tips to stay on budget because the same state has areas where you can spend all of your money within hours! Go through these easy tips to stay on budget when in Singapore.

Eat With The Locals

The first thing that many people want to do when they land in a foreign land is to taste food from the best places. Upon arrival at Changi, tourists have the option to dine in the high-end restaurants or explore the hawker’s stalls where the locals eat. The latter is highly recommended for anyone who is on a budget. The good news is that local food stalls offer cuisine that is just as good as the high-end restaurants.

Drink Tap Water

Singapore has declared all tap water to be potable! This is what locals drink on a daily basis, and they do not get sick. All you need is to bring a water bottle and refill it at any of the water points around the city. Being a hot island, the water consumption is high and bottled water can be expensive, especially if you are traveling with a big family. You should only buy bottled water when you need a flavored option.

Use MRT Tickets Instead Of The Tourist Pass

Before visiting Singapore, you should know that the rapid mass transit (MRT) is the most popular and cheapest mode of transport and that it goes everywhere. As your agent on the One Visa website is processing your travel documents, they should tell you that the tourist visa is costly and it will give you access to MRT, which you can pay many times less for by purchasing tickets at the station like the locals. This is an excellent tip for someone who is looking forward to traversing Singapore.

Visit The Free Or Cheap Parks & Places

When making the itinerary for your visit to Singapore, take advantage of numerous places that are not charged but will still give you memorable moments. Many packages only have a small charge and they allow picnic lunches that bring the cost down even further. Avoid expensive places like clubs, paid private tours, and other activities that will leave a hole in your pocket.

Do Not Be In The Wrong

Singapore has various fines for breaking the law, and this will apply to both locals and tourists! All the laws in Singapore are friendly and easy to maintain. Do not smoke, chew, or spit in public places since this will get you fined. You can research more on these laws and master them to keep friendly contact with the authorities and save money.


There are many ways of saving money while in Singapore. In fact, there are many more if you plan carefully. Be sure that you are doing the right thing and you will be surprised that a vacation can be so cheap.

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