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3 Signs That You’re Ready To Go On Your First Solo Trip Abroad

For the first time solo traveler, it’s a daunting idea to book your first roundtrip ticket abroad. Sometimes it’s not about the where/how/when of the trip that cause this feeling of overwhelm. Instead, it’s important to reflect on whether or not you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Understanding your emotional wellbeing and mindset is an incredibly important step before making a big move, like a grand adventure alone. Here are three signs that you’re ready to go on your first solo trip.

You’re Already Taking Your Own Micro-Adventures 

Simply put, you crave new-ness. No matter your location, or the amount of free time you have, you put forth the effort in planning your own little adventures. You look into visiting new restaurants or cafes, you say “yes” to events that go against you’re typical interests. You even take the scenic route when given the opportunity.

If you’re already making steps toward exploration in your day to day life, it’s clear… you’re ready for an adventure on a bigger scale.

You Are Endlessly Fascinated

You’re type of gal who asks questions. In your free time, you find yourself looking into far off places, interesting cultural traditions, new recipes, classes and more. You’re constantly seeking new understanding of the world around you and your relationship to it. You’re dazzled by unexpected lessons learned and tidbits of information you’ve gathered from unexpected places.

If you consider yourself to be a student of the world, and you’re hungry to learn from it… perhaps it’s time to change your “school of life” setting.

You’re Eager & Ready For A Challenge

The biggest aspect of solo travel most adventurers photographs won’t tell you – every adventure brings challenges. It will be in unexpected ways, but they’re bound to come.

So… if you’re already able to manage challenges in your day to day life with a clear conscious, you’re well on your way to being ready. If you enjoy the thrill of pushing yourself to extremes, demanding yourself to go further, attain more, understand better, and seek new heights… you’re so, so ready.

Find yourself identifying with these three signs? Maybe it’s time to book that bucket-list adventure!

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