3 Interesting things to do in Pattaya, Thailand

Situated on Thailand’s eastern Gulf, Pattaya is a coastal city known for its beaches. Call me a “beach snob,” but I really wasn’t impressed by the beach scene here. They look dirty, not very well-kept, and overall aren’t all that inviting. The good news is that there are plenty of other interesting things to do in Pattaya, besides going to the beach.

3 Interesting things to do in Pattaya, Thailand

Visit the Pattaya Floating Market

If you’ve heard anything about Thailand, you’ve probably heard about the floating markets. No trip to the Kingdom is complete without experiencing one for yourself, and there’s no better place to do this than in Pattaya. The biggest of its kind in all of Thailand, the Pattaya floating market is a truly unique experience.

Spanning across more than 100,000 square meters, the market is split into four separate parts, each representing and selling items from one of the four major regions of Thailand. There were some exquisite art pieces on display that will make for beautiful souvenirs. You can also find traditional Thai food of all sorts here, clothing stores, eateries, souvenir stores and lots more.

Constructed in the form of Thai style wooden houses and connected via wooden bridges and canals, it’s a beautiful setup. You might feel as though you are stepping into a different world. The market is open every day from 10:00 to 23:00 and the entrance fee is 200 baht. If you want to have a boat tour it will cost 800 baht.

Wine Tasting at Silverlake Vineyard

Whether you like wine or not, the Silverlake vineyard makes for a pleasant excursion out of the city. Located in the countryside southeast of Pattaya and surrounded by mountain views, this is one of the most picturesque settings that I came across in Pattaya.

Entrance to the reception building is free, if you just want to check out the area. But, I recommend doing one of the vineyard tours. They offer two packages. Package one includes a 25 minute vineyard tour with a glass of grape juice and costs 130 baht. Package 2 is the same but you will also get a tour of the winery and two glasses of wine as part of a wine tasting experiencing. This one costs 250 baht.

The wine tasting/vineyard experience itself is not that amazing, but the surrounding areas in the vineyard are beautiful. You will be driven by little lakes, gardens with a beautiful flower display, and a European styled Windmill. They will stop along the way to allow you to take photos. The Silverlake vineyard is definitely worth it if you are looking to escape from the city for a few hours.

Pattaya Big Buddha Hill

Found on Khao Phra Tamnak, which is the small hill between Jomtien and south Pattaya, the big Buddha was built in 1977, back when the city was still a quaint little fishing village. It’s a truly beautiful sight and something that you are going to want to experience for yourself if you’re in Pattaya.

Standing at 18 meters tall, you will walk up a stairway that is flanked by two golden colored Naga snakes which will lead you to the Buddha image. Apart from the Big Buddha, at the top you will also find seven smaller Buddha images that stand on temple grounds as well as a pavilion. There’s also a great view of pattaya and surrounding areas, like Koh Larn island up here.

Big Buddha Hill can be visited everyday between 07:00 and 22:00. The whole experience won’t take you very long, and is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

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