23 Fun & Unique Souvenirs To Collect On Your Adventures

Who doesn’t dream of having a home filled with worldly trinkets? The best way to instantly recall travel memories can be through the small knick knacks and treasured finds collected along our journey. We believe curating unique souvenirs is a great way to be transported back to our past adventures.

Save a little room in your carry-on, ladies! From traditional classics to sentimental novelties, we’re sharing 23 fun and slightly unexpected souvenirs you can collect on your trips to come!


  1. Recipes – Imagine having a cookbook filled with worldly recipes collected from your favorite restaurants around the world. And now imagine passing it on to your children or relatives. We think it’s such a cool idea! Even better? This souvenir might not cost you a penny!
  2. Christmas Ornaments – How sweet would a Christmas tree be with decorations from every destination you’ve visited in your lifetime? There are great online stores, such as Decorator’s Warehouse, that can help you find ornaments that match your aesthetic and are the perfect fit for you.
  3. Vintage Postcards – These treasured souvenirs can be collected in a memory box or framed and decorated around your home. They’re great conversation starters and a sentimental gift to have.
  4. Public Transportation Cards & Tickets – Stow your tickets and cards used while on the subway, taxi receipts and swipe cards during your travels and share them on your fridge. Every time you open it up, you’ll be reminded of your wonderful adventures.
  5. Stones – Collect stones from every destination you visit and display them in your backyard space. It’s a creative twist on unique souvenirs and they’re also completely free!
  6. Books From Each Location – It’s one of my personal goals to have a stocked library filled with books from every destination in the world I’ve visited. That’s why I’ve taken to collecting or salvaging one book from every location I’ve traveled to. There’s no better feeling than opening up one of those pages when I’m feeling wanderlust.
  7. Spices – Collect unique spices and cooking treats. This is a great idea if you’re a foodie or if there’s a particular taste your destination is well known for!
  8. Hotel Stationary – Write a quick little gratitude note on each piece of hotel stationary you stay in.
  9. Patches – Sewn patches are great souvenirs to put on your travel backpacks or jackets!
  10. Textiles & Fabrics – Buy a small piece of textile from the markets to sew into a blanket to showcase on the couch. You’ll find that traditional markets sell tiny textiles and fabrics with vivid colors and handmade tapestries. It’s a wonderful way to support local makers and create a special home accessory.
  11. Maps – Perhaps the easiest from our list of unique souvenirs! Collecting paper maps from your explorations and framing them once you’re at home is a great way to relive your experiences.
  12. Shot Glasses – Display your collection of specialized and quirky shot glasses from around the globe. Guests will love choosing one at dinner parties or nights out, and you’ll feel a kinship to your glassware like never before.
  13. Perfume – Unique souvenirs bow down! I once met a traveler who collected a small sample of perfume from every destination she visited. How cool is that?
  14. T-Shirts  – Ah, simple and to the point. Collect a t-shirt on every trip!
  15. Coffee Mugs – Similar to shot glasses, having a stock of quirky and cool coffee mugs from around the globe is so cool. Who doesn’t love reaching for London or Rome on a rainy Monday morning?
  16. Boarding Tickets & Luggage Tags – Boarding tickets and luggage tags are tossed into the waste can all too quickly if you ask me! Save those bad boys and collage them into a notebook or a piece of unique art.
  17. Coins – Keep your coinage from your trip! You can keep them in a glass jar or even glue them to a blank paper and frame them.
  18. Flags – A flag from around the globe is a fantastic way to make a unique home gift. Make a scarf, blanket or pillow from your findings!
  19. Stamps – Stamps, especially vintage ones from around the world, are so beautiful! Collect a stamp from every major trip.
  20. Shells Or Sand – Bring a small jar and bring home a sampling of shells or sand from your destination. Layer and label your findings in a glass to showcase at home!
  21. Matchbooks – A bit unique – but a cool idea! Matchbooks used to be offered at major hotels and restaurants, but since smoking has been dying down, it may be a bit tricky to find them.
  22. Jewelry – It may seem a bit extravagant, but many travelers love to collect a special gem or piece of jewelry for every trip they take. Now, keep in mind, you don’t need to splurge on diamonds or rubies! Go to local markets and see the small and beautiful traditional jewelry the locals make. They’ll mean just as much, if not more!
  23. Children’s Toys – Collect a small children’s toy in every place you visit. Do some research! Does your location have a famous traditional toy? What icon or character is well loved by its children? Even if you’re well past your youth, imagine passing them on to a future child or niece/nephew. A sweet idea!


Happy collecting, Dame Travelers!

What unique souvenirs, knick knacks or treats do you collect along your travels?

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