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11 Tips To Beat The Heat During Your Summer Travels

Check the forecast and realize that you’re in for a sweltering hot day ahead? It happens to the best of us. Weather’s unpredictability is a serious consideration for travelers hoping to make the most of their time exploring. Today, we’re sharing some simple and effective ways to beat the heat during your summer travels! 

Plan Ahead

Step one, always check the forecast for the day ahead. It’s important to be informed on what to expect in 24 hours. Figuring out your outfits for the day and planning your daily activities based on the weather will help you avoid burning up midday. 

It’s also worth noting that if you are someone who is extremely affected by hotter temperatures, you might want to reconsider your destination of choice if there’s no avoiding it. Destinations all around the world have heat pockets pop up throughout the year, but if you know ahead of time that you’ll be visiting in the peak of summer… research what you’re in for and ask yourself if you’re willing to overlook being uncomfortably hot! 

Pack & Dress Appropriately

Fabrics are key! If you know that you’re in for many hot days ahead – focus on the fabric of your clothing, as some are incredible sticky and inflexible. Linens and cottons are your BFFs during humid travel days. Say no to polyester at all costs! That being said, dress appropriately for the forecast ahead. Don’t sacrifice your health and well being over a piece of clothing or a “look” you want for photos. If you know that there are chances of high humidity and no wind… you can plan an outfit that breathes and won’t weigh you don’t once you start sweating. Hats on a very sunny day can stop a serious sunburn from starting too!

Plan Your Day Around The Temps

If you know to expect extreme heat towards the middle of the day, see if you can coordinate some indoor activities instead of visiting outdoor areas or important sights. Being aware of the temperature as the day rolls by will help you plan a more comfortable itinerary, where you won’t be sweating through your clothes just because you failed to figure out that perhaps sightseeing wasn’t the smartest thing to do at high noon! 

Go To A Museum 

Museums are a go-to fix for sky high temperatures. Because art must be kept at a comfortable temperature to avoid swelling and warping, you’ll be cool while also getting cultured. 

Go Shopping 

Similar to museums, shopping is a great alternative for beating the heat because shops know that their cooler temps draw in customers! Limited budget? It’s okay to just window shop. (P.S. you can check out some of our tips for saving money while abroad here!)

Ice Cream Or A Cold Drink

Don’t doubt the power of a cool beverage when you’re at your wits end with the temperature. There’s something about drinking an ice cold soda or enjoying a frozen ice cream cone on a hot day, isn’t there? Find some shade, rest your body for a few minutes and enjoy. You’ll find your body temperature will lower within seconds. 

Never Go Anywhere Without A Bottle Of Water

Hydration is SO important when exploring in hotter temperatures. Drinking water throughout the day will help you avoid heat exhaustion and will help you power through the day. Dehydration is not something to be messed around with. 

Splash Water On Your Pulse Points

Cool water (or a cold glass) placed on your wrist and necks – also known as your pulse points – will help your body feel cool within seconds. The heat during summer is no joke – but your body can handle it with little tricks like this!

Consider Your Diet – Cold Foods Only

It seems obvious, but be sure to order foods that aren’t hot while on a hot day. Soups, dishes served up hot and spicy meals are no no’s when the temperatures are sky high. Opt inside for cold or room temperature foods that hold a lot of water, like fruits or healthy salads.

Stay Shady

Dodge the sun at all costs if you can! Walk in the shaded areas of pedestrian routes and find alternative routes that will let you stay away from the sun’s rays. Shade is pretty much mother nature’s air conditioning!

Rest Often

You’ll find that heat during summer travels exhaust even the most hardy of adventurers. So embrace it. Rest often during your days exploring. Find an air conditioned cafe or restaurant, sit by a fan, take a breather by a shaded park bench… just rest and listen to your body!

How do you deal with hot temperatures while you explore?

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